Q: When did you first notice a difference?
A: I attended a staff meeting (bearing in mind, I work nightshifts so don’t see the day staff regularly) and the administrator didn’t recognise me! She honestly thought I was a visitor and gave me a seat to sit in until she could see to me! Her face was a picture when she twigged who I was!

Q: How has your life changed since losing weight?
A: Apart from the obvious changes on the outside, I feel the biggest change is mentally. I have bags more confidence and self-belief. I am happier in myself as I can join in with the kids and don’t have to watch my life pass me by! For the first time ever I’M in CONTROL!

My work is not such a physical struggle and I still have bags of energy to walk home and walk the dog! For the first time in a long time I’m looking forward not being stuck in a rut. Who would have thought that gaining control over eating habits and weight management could have such a snowball effect on the rest of your life!

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