Lily Roberts

Start Weight: 14st 

End Weight: 10st 

Weight-loss: 4st*

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Read about how Lily lost her weight!

Q: What made you decide to lose weight ?

A: I decided to lose weight because I got to a point where I felt so uncomfortable and not myself anymore. I was only wearing black clothing and wasn't happy with the way I looked.

Q: What made you choose Exante?

A: My mum had done Exante in the past and I saw that it worked!p>

Q: What were your favourite Exante products?

A: Sweet and sour noodles, jam and yoghurt bar, toffee, raisin & nut bar and sausage mix.

Q: What have you learnt during your weight loss journey with Exante?

A: I learnt that drinking water is everything! The more you drink the more you shrink!

Q: How did your plan fit into your lifestyle?

A: Having the bars were nice and convenient for work, no hassle and easy to follow!

Q: What kept you motivated?

A: Seeing my loss week by week kept me motivated and so did the Exante support group!

Q: What exercise did you do to compliment your plan?

A: I didn't do any exercise but I do have a quite active job. Being a beautician I am doing massages and rushing around a lot!

Q: When did you first notice a difference?

A: I first noticed a difference around a stone and a half down! So about 6 weeks.

Q: How has your life changed since losing weight?

A: I have a lot more energy now! I don't feel so tired anymore and I am a lot more confident! I have bought some more clothes and none of them are black!! I don't feel like I need to hide behind big baggy clothes anymore!

Q: What is your next goal?

A: My next goal is to maintain my weight and to find myself a lovely man!

Q: Would / have you recommended Exante to a friend?

A: I have recommended Exante diet to so many people who ask me about my weight loss!

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