Mandy Purdie

Start Weight: 16st

End Weight: 12st 9lb

Weight-loss: 3st*5lb

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Q: Why did you start Exante?

A: I had just had a hysterectomy and had heard horror stories of becoming huge due to muscle loss and because I had low self-esteem built up over years of bad relationships, I comfort ate and that in turn was really bad for the way I felt about myself, I have a back problem too which was hugely exaggerated by weight gain and I just felt really unhappy with my weight and the way I looked, I didn’t want to go out. I do loads of public speaking and events with my job and I hid behind my smile when all I could think of was god are they thinking I'm fat! Sad but true!.

Q: What piece of advice would you give to someone who is going to start Exante?

A: Just start.. don’t put it off, if you fall off the wagon just start the next meal, day, don’t let it put you off completely and let a bad meal/day turn into a bad week, month, year.

Q: How did Exante fit into your lifestyle?

A: Its so easy, you can take a bar if you are going out and I tended to have shakes for breakfast and dinner, if I needed to eat, I mixed it up with no carb meals, so if I was going to a wedding for instance id eat the meat and salad or fish and veg no pasta, rice, potatoes or bread. I wasn’t afraid to order off menu either all restaurants will happily remove the chips and give you a much bigger salad!

Q: What’s been your greatest achievement with Exante?

A: Fitting into a size 14 wedding dress and feeling amazing at 53! Also the energy ive got back has been fabulous.