Michelle Wooton

Start Weight: 14st 5lbs

End Weight: 10st 5lbs

Weight-loss: 4st*

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Read about how Michelle lost her weight!

Q: When did you start your weight loss journey?

A: Following my holiday, I saw some pictures of myself that I was quite frankly disgusted by and I thought enough is enough!

Q: What made you choose Exante?

A: I did my research and I saw how simple it was to follow and decided this would be the plan for me and it worked.

Q: Any reservations?

A: My reservation was that because I had tried other diets before and not kept the weight off I would struggle with Exante, but I didn’t let that hold me back and I’ve been maintaining for over 6 months now.

Q: What were your favourite Exante products?

A: My favourite product was the apple and cinnamon porridge, followed by shepherd’s pie! They were both really tasty and filling.

Q: When did you first notice a difference?

A: I lost 7lbs in the first week using Exante products, and that spurred me on to keep going.

Q: Can you feel a difference?

A: Before Exante I could barely tie a shoelace or climb the stairs at home without being out of breath, however now I regularly go on long walks with my husband and I really enjoy being active!

Q: How do you use Exante now you’ve lost the weight?

A: I use Exante products throughout the day to maintain my weight. I tend to follow The Flexi Solution now, so I incorporate Exante where best during my day! My favourite is having the shepherds pie meal with roasted vegetables for a quick dinner!

Q: Would / have you recommended Exante to a friend?

A: I’d definitely recommend Exante to a friend, and to anyone who would listen for that matter!

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