Sarah Muncaster

Start weight: 18st

End weight: 11st

Weight-loss: 7st*

“I’ve kept the weight off much to everyone’s surprise. Managing my weight has finally become easier.”

*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.

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Read about how Sarah lost her weight!

Q: What was your weight loss motivation?

A: I had just had baby number four and was finding it hard to run around after all of my children. I hated the way I looked and was feeling. It got to the point where I didn't want to been seen outside my house.

Q: What made you choose Exante Diet?

A: One of my school mummy friends recommended Exante to me. I was on another VLCD which I was sick off as the products were bland and expensive. She gave me a few of her Exante samples to try and I was hooked. Not only were the products incredibly tasty, but they were cheaper too. Not what I expected any diet to be at all.

Q: What Exante Diet plan were you on?

A: Total Solution.

Q: What were your favourite Exante Diet products?

A: Cherries & Berries, Banana, White Chocolate & Raspberry shakes.

Q: What did you learn on the plan?

A: Just because I feel hungry doesn't always mean I need food. It was often because I was actually thirsty. And to eat in moderation!

Q: How did your plan fit into your lifestyle?

A: I knew I needed to do this so I avoided temptation, got myself to the gym and started walking more especially with the kids.

Q: What are your weight loss tips?

A: Keep reminding yourself what a positive impact the weight loss will have on your life. My children kept me motivated – along with the fact that I had all my size 10 clothes hanging up in the wardrobe waiting to be worn again.

Q: What exercise did you do to compliment your plan?

A: Walking to and from school, days out with children and then four days a week at the gym.

Q: When did you first notice a difference?

A: Within the first two weeks.

Q: How has your life changed since losing weight?

A: I feel like a mummy my children can be proud of and not the fat mum standing at the gates. I'm more confident and I like the fact I can run around without getting tired as fast as I use to.

Q: What is your next goal?

A: To keep maintaining my weight, paying attention to what I eat and the portions.

Q: Would / have you recommended Exante Diet to a friend?

A: Yes I tell all mummy friends & family to have a go & try this diet. Better than any other diet I've been on.

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