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Q: How did the products fit into your life?
A: I actually found it extremely easy, I'm always in a rush, having 7 kids doesn't exactly give me a lot of prep time that some diets need. I literally get up, make a shake In a few seconds and that's my brekki on the go, and as a singer I spend a lot of time at rehearsals so all I have to take is my bottle and packet of Exante. Plus it's saving me a fortune, I would go grab a take away costing £5 plus so the savings over the week are £30 if not more.

Q: What have you learnt during your journey with Exante?
A: That diet food and shakes don't have to be boring I have tried so many different diets and shakes and found I gave up after a few weeks where as I am not hungry in the slightest and because of the different types and flavours I’m not bored :) The soups are so filling and I love the gooey puddings and the bars they are all so filling. And I feel like I have more energy now than I ever have and my skin and hair look great which I think is down to all the added vitamins and minerals I'm getting in the Exante shakes and meals.

Q: When did you first see a difference?
A: Two months in so March 2016.

Q: How has your life changed since losing weight?
A: I feel full of energy, I feel healthier, and my confidence has soared, I can run around with the kids now and not be out of breath, and I just feel emotionally better as I'm not feeling bad when I eat anymore.

Q: What is your next goal?
A: I want to climb Snowden for my chosen charity in June 2017.

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