Vanessa Keegan

Start Weight: 15st 7lb

End Weight: 10st 13lb

Weight-loss: 4st 8lbs*

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Read about how Vanessa lost her weight!

Q: How did you hear about Exante?

A: I had tried low calorie diets in the past but having a new baby, I didn’t have time to commit to classes or seeing a consultant, so I had looked online at what products were available for me to buy direct. I also had noticed Emily had used the Exante products last year and had been reading about them on her blog and Instagram. 

Q: Have you tried any other diets before?

A: Yes I've tried Cambridge, Slim Fast, Slimming World, the C9 detox and Bootea.

Q: What made you chose the Flexi Solution?

A: I gave birth to my third child in July and lost of all my pregnancy weight pretty much straight away; however tiredness, extra takeaways bottles of wine and not getting much exercise due to putting my back out meant the weight was creeping back on. I wanted to enjoy Christmas but in my head decided that come January I was going to make a change. I bought the 4 week gluten free shake pack so that I was ready to start after New Year and downloaded the free Kick Start eBook which was perfect. After reading through, I decided that two shakes a day plus a healthy home cooked meal and a snack would work for me. 

Q: Do you have any favourite recipes from the eBook?

A: I really liked the Turkey Bolognese with Courgetti Spaghetti; my daughter loved it too! I had the Patatas Bravas with a steak which was really good and the Stuffed Chicken is lovely. I liked the fact I could eat a meal with my family that they could enjoy too. 

Q:Have you done any exercise at all?

A: Not yet, I'm seeing an Osteopath about my back so apart from walking and swimming I'm limited to what I can do at the moment so I'm even more pleased with the loss achieved so far.

Q: How does Exante fit into your life?

A: Really well! Being a mum of three it can be crazy busy sometimes! The kids are my priority, I was so busy looking after them I often got to lunch time before I realised I hadn’t even had breakfast. The shakes and bars mean I can grab something quick and healthy when I'm out and about.

Q: Did you download the eBook?

Yes Emily sent me the link! When we realised we were both doing the plan we had messaged each other on Instagram which was brilliant support!

Q: What was your favourite part?

A: I really like the shakes, I blend them with ice or have them with hot water to make a latte style drink and curb my Starbucks cravings!

Q: Did you learn anything from the Kick Start challenge?

A: I definitely eat when I’m bored for something to do in front of the TV, even though I'm not actually hungry! I've been using MyFitnessPal to log each meal and snack and it's amazing how many calories the ‘free’ foods from other diets contain. 

Q: How much weight have you lost so far?

A: In the 28 days I've lost 14.5 lbs so far, I want to lose another 27lbs.

Q: We’re you surprised at the results?

A: I'm really pleased! I knew it would work if I stuck to the plan.

Q: Does dieting together make a difference?

A: Yes! We message each other to see what we are planning for dinner, compare recipes, focus on mini targets and rewards, we even had sneaky peeks at the scales but it kept us focused and not wanting to let each other down!

Q: How does it help?

A: Knowing someone else is going through the same feelings is help in itself, first couple of days I felt a little tired and had a bad head Emily reminded me that drinking water would really help. If we were feeling like face planting carbs or chocolate we would suggest things to do or something that would take away the craving!

Q: How do you feel now? Is there anything you can do now you couldn’t do before?

A: I feel really motivated to continue, I fitted back into some pre-pregnancy jeans too!

Q: What were your favourite products?

A: First I got a pack of the shakes so I love the Vanilla, Mint Chocolate, and Coconut ones the best. But then Emily recommended the Protein Wafers which are now a firm favourite, but my ultimate favourite has to be the Cookies and Cream bars. I've run out at the moment so will have to re order!

Q: Would you recommend Exante to a friend?

A: Definitely! I've had 6 people use my referral code so far after seeing the results after 28 days and I'm sure more like I did are watching and thinking about it. If that's you don't wait, give it a go!

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