Founded in 2007, Exante Diet is the UK's largest online meal replacement company. We offer a safe, effective and convenient way to lose weight through replacing meals with our calorie controlled shakes, bars, ready meals and soups. All of our products meet European Union regulatory guidance and contain 100% of RDAs for vitamins and nutrients. Exante Diet works, as evidenced by the company's triple digit growth in the year 2013.

Why Exante Diet works

Exante Diet consists of shakes, bars, ready meals, soups and extras such as drink mixes. The customer takes three of our products a day giving 600kcal and 100% RDAs of vitamins and minerals and, depending on the BMI and plan chosen, can eat high protein, low carb food. No group and consultations are required. Exante is sold in monthly packs of 84 and can be used continuously for weight maintenance, becoming a high repeat purchase.

Why Exante?

  • Simple and convenient to use - 3 packs a day
  • It's effective - as evidenced by thousands of our customers
  • Lowest price total meal replacement on the market
  • Free from aspartame, MSG, GM
  • No consultants and group consultations required
  • Launching internationally, with dedicated language sites in Germany, France and Spain

The market for Weight Management Services globally is estimated to grow at 13.4% CAGR during the period 2010-2015, with the segment being worth $205.2 billion by this time (Transparency Market Research) . Equally WHO figures for obesity predict 2.3 billion overweight adults by 2015, with more than 700 million being classified obese (BBC News).

Exante's meal replacement products are vegetarian and free from aspartame, GM and MSG, giving a unique opportunity to sell a high quality product at a fiercely competitive price. We have enabled thousands of people to lose weight affordably, and we would like now to give you the opportunity to offer Exante to your customers.

Exante is keen to work in partnership with gyms, sports clubs, pharmacies, health food wholesalers, supermarkets, health care professionals and independent retailers, both online and in-store to bring their proven products and service to a wider, international audience.

Partnership terms & process

Exante Diet will provide you with product knowledge and advice on the full range of products and plans available in your country, including diet product and accessories, allowing you to choose which products will be most relevant to your customers. You'll also have the benefit of professionally designed point of sale to maximise sales, and you and your customers will have access to our Customer Services team and New Product Development department. Subject to minimum volumes, we also have the capacity to develop bespoke products for you and your clients.

Trade Partnership process

  • After the initial enquiry and submission of the Trade Application Form, supply needs will be discussed and due diligence checks carried out.
  • Once your application has been accepted and your account set up, you'll be able to order your products directly through our Trade Team at the agreed discounted rates.
  • Trade Partnerships benefit from a quarterly review looking at product selection, upcoming product launches and market updates.

It's as simple as that! Contact us today to find out more about Exante Diet Trade to benefit from working with the UK's Number One online meal replacement company.

Trade Partnerships


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