Can I use these on Total Solution Plan?
Our range of vitamins and minerals has been specially selected so that they can be used by everyone, including those using Total Solution Plan. As the Total Solution plan will provide you with 100% RI of vitamins and minerals, our vitamins and supplements range includes products that can further enhance your nutritional intake without conflicting with Exante Diet meal replacements.

What other ranges can I use the vitamins and supplements on?
Whether you are on Total Solution Plan or following the complete 5:2 Plan combining VLCD products and weight management products, you can use our range of vitamins and supplements.

Could I take too many vitamins and supplements?
As long as you follow the suggested use on site and on the product packaging, your daily intake for vitamins and minerals will stay within safe limits.

Can I use these while pregnant?
We recommend that you take guidance from you GP before taking supplements during pregnancy. Taking three Omega 3 Super soft gels each day provides the recommended daily intake of fish oils, in particular DHA, to contribute to the normal brain and eye development of the foetus and breastfed infants.

Can I use alongside medication?
Please consult your GP before taking vitamins and supplements while on prescribed medication.

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