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Welcome to the NHS Low-Calorie Diet Programme. Below is a range of carefully selected and NHS approved products, suitable for Momenta Diabetes Remission Programme. Please note, this is a limited range. You may see different products in the main exante ordering pages.

If products are out of stock, please choose an alternative, rather than waiting for the product to come back in stock

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Exante Shaker Bottle - 400ml
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Heroes and Villians

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'Momenta and exante'

Momenta programme participants should focus only on pages accessible '' (any page with ‘Momenta’ in the URL). The rest of exante’s site is for a broader, less-specific audience and often not relevant, or even confusing, for Momenta participants. Please do not download the app or sign up to the newsletter as messaging and content will be different. Also, please ignore any offers on e.g. free delivery that pop up or feature at the top of your screen – ALL your products and delivery are free for you if you use your Voucher codes. If you contact Exante’s Helpdesk using the information below then let them know that you are on the Momenta Diabetes Remission programme delivered as part of the NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme.