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Meal Replacement Desserts

Looking for sweet treats without upsetting your diet? You’re in the right place! Exante meal replacement desserts for weight loss are high in protein, low in calories and enriched with the vitamins your body needs. This means you can stay on track when you treat yourself to low-fat puddings and enjoy maximum flavour with only a slice of the calories.

One customer said “the gooey chocolate pudding tastes amazing and has a great texture. I had mine for breakfast!”

So try our deliciously healthy low-fat desserts if you’re looking to lead a healthy lifestyle without missing out on your favourite treats!

Benefits of our Meal Replacement Desserts

High in protein, low in fat and enriched with vitamins and minerals, exante desserts can be used as part of a VLCD to help you lose weight.

Take our chocolate pudding. With its super soft centre and containing a third of your daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals, our desserts are all about having your cake and eating it.