sachets of vegan meal replacement shakes

Introducing Exante Vegan Meal Replacements

Our new plant-based meal replacement range includes 4 great tasting shake flavours: Banana Bread, Double Chocolate, Coffee & Walnut, and Blueberry Muffin.
Each new flavour is deliciously sweet and creamy, low in sugar, and uses natural flavourings.
Our vegan shakes are designed to harness the power of plant-based protein and natural extracts on a low-calorie vegan diet plan.
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Healthy Ingredients

You’ll find that each one of our vegan meal replacement shakes is gluten free, high in fibre and contains our unique blend of 27 vegan-friendly vitamins and minerals.
These four shakes are also the first in our range to include Green Tea Extract. You can find out more about the benefits of our new vegan meal replacement range and how to use them in your vegan diet plan here.

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Try All 4 Flavours With Our Vegan Shake Bundle.

Shop our variety bundle containing 2x Banana Bread Shake, 2x Double Chocolate Shake, 2x Coffee & Walnut Shake, and 2x Blueberry Muffin Shake.

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