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exante Stories: Meet the ambassadors who've changed their lives

Meet Louise, Kirsty and Olivia - our brand ambassadors who are feeling great on their exante journeys. Our latest campaign, #YourStory, is a celebration of our amazing customers and what they’ve achieved. Whether it be weight loss, increased fitness, maintenance or just feeling more confident, we're here to celebrate it. Read the stories of three inspirational women below and get in touch on social...what’s #YourStory?

Louise's Story: Nearly three stone down, and couldn't be happier

After trying a number of other diets and programmes, she finally found exante. Almost 3 stone down, Louise’s life has changed for the better. Now able to keep up with her children, exante has improved her mindset and ability to tackle each day, head on.


Kirsty's Story: Two stone down, two to go

Kirsty mainly enjoys a plant-based diet whilst on her exante journey. Convenience is key for her busy-mum lifestyle - exante’s ultra-simple meals have helped her achieve a brilliant 2 stone loss. Since starting exante, Kirsty has rediscovered her passion for running and in her words of encouragement “it’s a marathon, not a sprint!”


Olivia's Story: Maintaining her goal weight, and feeling great.

Olivia uses exante to maintain her 2.5 stone loss and stay in a calorie deficit. Protein intake is vital for Olivia’s fitness journey, as well as using the products flexibly to fit around her busy working lifestyle.


Feeling Inspired? Discover more!

Feeling inspired by our exante stories? Read more about our fantastic exante community on our ‘Success Stories’ page...this could be you! Want to share #YourStory with us? Get in touch on social media today.