#WednesdayWorkout | 3 Reasons Why Stretching is Important

#WednesdayWorkout | 3 Reasons Why Stretching is Important

Stretching is one of the most important ways you can look after your body with very little effort. Not only does it relax your body’s muscles, but it also improves your flexibility, posture, and gives you a relaxing mental break away from reality…

You can easily improve your mind and body without busting a gut by doing simple stretches throughout the day. Start your day off with a lovingly long stretch and carry on from there whenever you get the chance! Take a look here for when and where you can get to stretching!

3 Reasons Why Stretching Is So Important

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1 | Stretch for super glutes

Sitting down all day can degenerate your glute muscles, which can make them tight and prone to injury. If you’re in the office and need to quickly stretch these muscles, try the Figure Four Glute Stretch. This stretch is done in a chair, with one leg crossed and the foot resting on the other knee. Lean forward and hold for a full gluteus maximum stretch.

2 | Get the spine tingling

The spine has a long line of muscles that are continually twisted throughout the day. Too much spine twisting can hurt the muscles and create problems throughout the whole length of your body, from your neck to your tail bone. Stretch out your spine by standing with legs close together, arms clasped together in the air and gently swaying with your body completely upright the whole time. If you do yoga, you’ll know this as the Lateral Flexion pose.

3 | Don’t forget the legs

The legs are easy to forget about as they’re used constantly, but once leg muscles go tight, they can cause nasty problems that can prove problematic in the long-run. Make sure you’re stretching the legs after exercise, especially after weight training when the muscles are forced to rapidly contract. You can help yourself by doing the simple quad stretch and hamstring & calf stretch with very little effort involved!

Top Tip! Stretching can lead to better posture, fewer aches and pains, greater confidence, and a cheerier outlook on life

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We recommend that you always stretch before and after working out or trying any of our exercises. This will prevent any injuries, improve blood circulation around the body and improve your performance.

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Lotty Cairns

Lotty Cairns

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