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One year following the exante 800 plan - 9 stone lost

Meet Kate, our 2020 Spring Slimmer of the Season, who has lost over 9 stone following the exante 800 diet plan for over a year.

2020-05-26 10:21:48 By Aimee Heeran

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10 Unknown Facts About Obesity | Obesity Statistics UK & Cost to NHS | Exante UK

2020-08-06 12:34:35By Amy Jackson

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exante BURST...The Multivitamin Drink You Need Right Now!

BURST is the new multivitamin energy drink range introduced by exante. This new range comes in three refreshing flavours. Discover more here...

2021-06-23 08:00:10By Katie Jerome

800 calorie soups and shakes diet

Weight Loss

Beat T2 & High Blood Pressure | 800 Calorie Shake and Soup Diet

Recently, studies have proved that 800 calorie shake and soup diets can have a profound weight loss effect. Here is an overview of our 800 calorie diet and the results of studies that looked at the effect of 800 calorie diet plans on obesity and type 2 diabetes.

2021-06-01 07:05:41 By Katie Jerome