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Dr Frankie Jackson-Spence

“Dr Frankie is an NHS doctor with an interest in preventative and lifestyle medicine. She uses her social media presence as an educational platform to bust the health myths and taboos. She is a reliable and relatable source of information for her followers and as a qualified personal trainer, promotes how to juggle a healthy, balanced lifestyle through exercise and nutrition, whilst leading a busy life as a doctor.”

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Kwayera Simpson

“Kwayera graduated from Leeds Beckett University in 2019 with a BSc Hons Dietetics. Since leaving university, Kwayera has worked for the NHS as a community dietitian supporting people to make healthy food choices. With a previous career as a professional chef for over 20 years, Kwayera enjoys sharing recipes and inspiration on social media. Currently working with people one to one in groups and consulting with restaurants. As a dietitian working with people with long term conditions he understands the importance of a balanced lifestyle and a stepped approach to reach an individual's goal.”

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Karen Millar

“Karen is a transformative Life Coach and certified NLP practitioner. She is dedicated to helping people manage their stress and mental health, using conversation and meditation to achieve this. She has worked with many clients on their weight loss journeys and understands the need for balance in the body and particularly the mind whilst on this journey.”

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Dr Deborah Lee

“Having worked for many years in the NHS, Dr Deborah Lee now works as a medical healthcare writer, with an emphasis in women's health. Dr Lee is also a medical content writer for Dr Fox: Online doctor service for pharmacies - Dr Fox ( Dr Lee writes for many media outlets including The Daily Express, The Sun, Net Doctor, Healthline and many more. She remains passionate about all aspects of medicine - including obesity, weight loss, diet, and nutrition.”

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