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How does the plan work?

To be in ‘ketosis’ means your body is using its fat stores, rather than carbohydrates, as its main fuel source. Essentially, a ‘keto’ diet is a vitamin enriched, low carb, high protein diet. On exante Keto, you can have up to 3 keto friendly products per day (JUICED) plus your exante extra.

So, what products are included?

Luckily, we’re here to help you on your keto journey. Your low carb lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring – try our varied range of keto friendly products, including our world’s first juicy diet shakes! You can also find the sugar-free Flavour Drops and Supplements, all in the range.

Lose weight with exante’s Keto Friendly meal replacements shakes

Bust those myths! If you’re keen to learn more about a keto lifestyle, check out our in-house keto expert Dr Deborah’s blog post on our Health Hub here, as well as a myth-busting fact sheet and an insight into the world of ketones.