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Gemma Hopley

*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.

I was obese for the majority of my adult life. I desperately wanted to change my life and lose weight. However when you're  seven stone overweight the task seems near impossible. A '1 lb.' a week diet would take 2 years, too long a time to sustain being on a diet and I couldn't wait that long. I wanted fast weight loss results which were also safe and effective. That's why I opted for Exante's VLCD diet plan. Before starting Exante's Total Solution (VLCD) plan, I'd almost resigned myself to the fact that I was past the point of no return and would just have to stay enormous for the rest of my life, (which my family was worried would be all too short).

My parents neighbour was coming to the end of her five stone weight loss on a VLCD. After seeing some photos and hearing her story and most significantly the timescale of her weight loss, I was so excited. I had suddenly been presented with a new chance to change my life and achieve what previously had seemed unachievable. Why had I not heard of VLCDs before? I searched the internet and settled on Exante. It was easy, being able to buy a complete month's supply with the 'bumper-packs', extremely good value, and also had the most professional website, giving me confidence in the products and the support I could receive if necessary.

Placing my first order was very emotional, as psychologically I found it difficult to face my weight problem and try 'yet another' diet. In the past I had always failed with diets. I started the Total Solution diet plan on 6th January 2011, the date my life changed. Within 2 weeks I'd lost my first stone. Nothing is more motivational than seeing those pounds just fall off so rapidly. By the end of February, I'd lost nearly 3 stones. By June I'd lost the seven stones I'd set as my goal, but I'd actually achieved the target mentally after the first week back in January. I knew then with absolute certainty that I had found the diet that was going to work for me, that I was finally to succeed.

Sometimes during my weight loss I would burst into tears with joy. It was so overwhelming to attain that which had always been so elusive to me. Even now after a few months of maintaining my weight at 10 stones 7 lbs., (still with the aid of exante products); I find it difficult to think of what I've achieved without welling up.

Losing weight has changed me in so many more ways than just my size. I feel healthier and fitter, younger and more confident. Without wishing to sound too dramatic, I feel that I've been 'reborn'. The world is now my oyster.

Exante has given me back myself and my life, which I intend to live and enjoy to the full, rather than hiding myself away, which when 17 ½ stones was all I wanted to do. I no longer voraciously hunger for food, instead I hunger for life. Thank you Exante, from the bottom of my heart.

Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.