Total Solution Diet Plan

Total Solution Diet Plan

Total Solution is a total meal replacement VLCD plan for fast and effective weight loss and is only suitable for women with a BMI of 30+. Simply substitute your traditional meals with 3 Exante meal replacements a day for 100% nutrition and visible results in weeks

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What is a VLCD Diet?

How Total Solution works:

  • Enjoy 3 Exante meal replacements a day, replacing traditional meals
  • Ketosis-based 600 calorie diet
  • Increase calories to 800+ every fourth week
  • Choose from 73 delicious flavours of shakes, bars, soups, meals or desserts
  • Average 2-5 stone weight loss*

  • *Weight results may vary and are different for each individual.

    "I don't get breathless and my health has improved 110%"

    - Jeanette Rumsey

    Can a very low calorie diet reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

    Tracey Ward was one of the volunteers on ITV’s “The Fast Fix”, and was successful using Exante products on a very low calorie diet to lose weight and reverse her type 2 diabetes! Read Tracey's incredible story here...

    Read Tracey's Story

    *You should not follow any of our plans if you are younger than 18 or over 71 years of age. Please note that we advise you seek medical advice from a GP prior to starting any diet, especially if you are already on medication.

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