Karen Bell

Age: 35

Location: Lanarkshire, Glasgow

Start Weight: 14st 7st

Current Weight: 11st 7st

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Q. What made you want to lose weight?

A. “I was wearing size 18 when I started exante in May and had very low self esteem. My main motivation to start exante was for health reasons- I had a long battle with a painful pelvic organ prolapse which I was diagnosed with almost 10 years ago. This was worsened with my weight over the years and I was urged to get my BMI to a healthy range.”

Q. How has exante changed your life?

A. “Last year I had emergency life-changing surgery with a long recovery. I turned to food for comfort, so gained more weight during my recovery. I’ve been given a huge confidence boost with exante and finally feel like I am in control of my health.”

“Before exante I could never get below the 14 stone 7 lbs mark at all. My weight was always up and down and I had really bad eating habits. Exante has allowed me to get to the lightest I’ve been in years (as long as I can remember) and into clothes I’ve not been able to wear in years!”

“I’m now 11 stone 7 and a very comfortable size 12!”

“If someone had said to me back in May that I would be where I am now I would never have believed it!”

“The plan has given