Q: What were your favourite Exante products?
A: Chocolate Orange Bar, Exante Protein Porridge and Strawberry Shake.

Q: What have you learnt during your weight loss journey with Exante?
A: Losing weight with Exante is easy as long as you are committed. There is so much variety you don't get bored and so much of my motivation comes from seeing the results on the scales each and every week.

Q: When did you first notice a difference?
A: I noticed the most after about one month into the plan.

Q: How has your life changed since losing weight?
A: I have gained confidence I never had. I now have a wonderful partner who I wouldn't have had the courage to speak to before. I just feel like I fit in now as opposed to being the fat odd one out. I've still got weight to lose but I'm well on my way. Most importantly I am so much healthier and looking forward to what the future holds!