Meet Lynette, our Exante Slimmer of the Season

Starting weight: 16 stone 4lbs
Current weight: 9 stone 9lbs
Total weight loss: 6 stone 9lbs

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Read about how Lynette lost her weight!

Q: When did you first decide to start your weight loss journey with Exante and was there a key moment which kick-started your weight loss?

A: I started my weight loss journey with Exante 1st January 2019. I'd had a horrible 2018, my Dad lost his battle with cancer, I was burgled and my car was stolen and to top it off my cat died just after Christmas. I was comfort eating, felt awful and my weight ballooned. I had always been pretty chunky, but it was getting out of hand. The Exante advert popped up on my Facebook feed, I did my research and thought what had I got to lose?

Q: What helped you to stay motivated with your weight loss while on the Exante plan?

A: My motivation was to get healthy, be a good role model for my 14 year old daughter and to prove to myself I could do it. And I did!

Q:How has your life changed since losing weight? Tell us your story.

A: I'm happier in myself and much more confident. As I joined numerous activities, working out and a running club I have made so many new friends along the way. One of my goals next year is to run the 2020 Half Marathon. When I started I never expected to lose so much, but also to gain so much.

“I'm happier in myself and much more confident”

“I’ve done some amazing things, met some amazing people, things that I would never have thought I would ever have done. And really it is down to Exante!” – Lynette

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“I lost over 6 stone; I'm so pleased I found exante. It's changed my life!” – Lynette

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