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Jen’s Cherry Chia Bowl Recipe

Jen’s Cherry Chia Bowl Recipe

We LOVE seeing your recipes and all the innovative ways you are incorporating Exante products into your lives to help you reach your weight loss goals!

This week we’re featuring a delicious Spring breakfast bowl recipe from the gorgeous beauty blogger Jen Lou Meredith! As part of her Youtube series, Jen is using our meal replacement shakes to create delicious dishes for you to enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle.


2 dessert spoons (dstspn) chia seeds
2 dstspn Exante Cherries & Berries shake 
4 dstspn plain yoghurt
100ml almond milk
Bluberries to decorate
2 tsp dessicated coconut
Handful of crushed dark chocolate

Jen says: “This Berry Chia Bowl is so yummy, and is great as a healthy and nutritious breakfast.”

Discover how Jen is finding Exante so far in her latest review:

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Sophie Angell

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