#WednesdayWorkout – 3 Workouts Inspired by your Childhood

#WednesdayWorkout – 3 Workouts Inspired by your Childhood

Childhood, a time when you didn’t think about exercise, you just did it having fun with your friends. It wasn’t a struggle to run around, get on your bike or go swimming, you were just carefree and you ENJOYED it! 

So, what happened? As adults (not all, but most) we force ourselves onto the treadmill, refuse to cycle to work, swim on the weekend and even drive to the shops. So, how do we channel our inner child and get excited about exercise again? The trick is to have a kid-like attitude when it comes to thinking about workouts. Remember roller blading? Skipping, hula hooping? Yes, all these playground activities will burn loads of calories! Here are our top 3 ideas to get you started…

3 Workouts Inspired by your Childhood

Exante Childhood Workouts

1 | Roller Blading / Skating

This workout gets completely overlooked. Skating burns lots of calories and in a few weeks of skating not only will you lose pounds, you’ll seriously tone up too! Skating is amazing for building muscle definition in the legs and waist! It’s cardio but much more!

Forget running, this is an amazing way to get fit and have fun!

The benefits: 1 hours skating burns as many calories as running while strengthening your leg muscles!

Your perfect post-workout product: we’d recommend a Strawberry Jam Bar to get your energy levels rolling!

2 | Hula Hooping

Hula hooping isn’t just for little girls. There are a great range of adult hoops on the market that will give you a really great workout, and local classes are starting to spring up everywhere! 30 mins of hula hooping works the core muscles, including glutes, thighs, abs and lower back muscles that also helps with your posture.

This really is a low-impact way to balance muscle tone throughout your core.

The benefits: 1 hours hooping may burn as many as 600 calories as so many parts of your body as used – arms included!

Your perfect post-workout product: shake things up with a Banana Shake.

3 | Skipping

One of our school yard childhood memories has to be games involving a skipping rope. As you know the humble rope has now been extended into lots of exercise classes and it’s still so much fun! You can skip to a whole load of music tracks and even add it into the middle of a yoga routine – it’s one of the best cardio and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts out there at the moment!

Skipping is one of the most inexpensive forms of exercise

The benefits: It improves footwork, balance, coordination, and agility. Most of the runners and other athletes jump rope for training.

Your perfect post-workout product: replenish with a White Choc and Raspberry Cookie.


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