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February Slimmer of the Month 2018 – Vote Now!

February Slimmer of the Month 2018 – Vote Now!

It’s that time again where we showcase all the hard work you have put in! Staying on track is hard, losing weight is no easy task and keeping motivated is even harder! So, not only do we want to celebrate all of your amazing results, we also want to inspire all of you on your journey and remind you why to keep going. These three amazing ladies have lost an incredible amount of weight and now it’s time to vote for your February Slimmer of the Month!

The winner will win either £100 site credit or £150 of beauty vouchers AND a chance to win our Slimmer of the Year competition and a luxury spa retreat!

Vote now to crown your February winner!

Meet Michelle

Michelle, 38

Starting Weight: 17 st, 12lbs

Current Weight: 14st, 12lbs 

Michelle lost 3 stone with Exante after realising her health needed to improve. “My clothes were too tight but I just refused to buy a bigger size. I knew the only person who could do this was myself and that it wasn’t going to be easy, but it was going to be worth it. I chose to follow the Total Solution plan based on the success stories I’d seen online. My husband was shocked to begin with and didn’t think I would stick to it.”

“The first few days were the hardest but the plan fit perfectly into my lifestyle. I only used the shakes and picked four flavours I liked and stuck to them! They were so quick and easy and saved me so much money!”

Michelle not only lost an impressive amount of weight, but also learned so much during her journey too. “I have learned how strong I am and that I am able to achieve goals I set myself. Sometimes you fail and life gets in the way but I have learned it’s just important to pick yourself up and keep going!”

Losing 3 stone in just 10 weeks, Michelle has found new enjoyments in life thanks to Exante.

“I used to hide behind baggy clothes and even coats I couldn’t do up anymore and hope that nobody noticed. However no I even enjoy waking up and choosing an outfit to wear! I have more energy and now walking the dogs is no longer a battle, but something I can enjoy and not get breathless!”

Meet Chloe

Chloe, 30

Starting Weight: 14 st, 13lbs

Current Weight: 12st, 1lbs 

Chloe lost 2 stone, 12 lbs with Exante.

After having 3 children Chloe had gained a lot of weight and wanted to do something about it. “I struggled with simple tasks like going up the stairs and just really dis-liked the way I looked!”

Chloe noticed a difference after just 4 days and loved how easy it was to fit Exante in to her lifestyle. “I found the plan super easy – just grab a bar and put it in your coat pocket or grab your shaker and packed and throw it in your bag! Even making the products was a matter of 2 minutes – just like fast food! It was so much easier than cooking.”

“I’ve learned that your body doesn’t need or want excess food. Most likely you are also thirsty instead of hungry. By not eating when you are bored or emotional, you realise you have time to do much nicer things instead!”

It’s been the simple things for Chloe that has made her journey so worthwhile. “The smallest things in life just get easier – like going up the stairs or fitting in the bath. Just being able to do my coat up without having to breath in and being able to bend down to pick the kids toys up!”

Meet Leanne

Leanne, 33

Starting Weight: 21 stone

Current Weight: 15st, 12lbs 

Leanne lost 5 stone with Exante.

After an upsetting holiday, Leanne decided it was time to make a change. “I was on holiday with my sister and a man started making fun of me for being big. He even followed me round the club singing a song about me being fat. It upset me so much that it completely ruined my holiday and the moment I was home I decided to lose weight.”

Leanne found the products fit into her busy lifestyle easily. “I really thought I would find it so hard but it just suited my lifestyle perfectly and it was easy to stick to plan!”

“I have learned how to eat more sensibly and manage my meals. Most of all, I have learned how to not listen to small minded people now. I’ve actually learned to love myself and have so much more self respect now!”

Exante has given Leanne a new lease of life. “Before losing weight I really didn’t do much with my life apart from work and go home. I didn’t want to go out as I thought everyone was talking about me. It got so bad that if I did have to go to family parties I would make sure I didn’t eat so people couldn’t talk about me eating there too! I love my life now, have so much more confidence and go out with my friends and family. I have even met someone now too! Life is good and I am so much more happy!”

Voting is now OPEN for our February Slimmer of the Month! Vote now and your winner could be selected to WIN A LUXURY SPA RETREAT!

Voting closes February 28th at 9pm and the winner will be announced via social media on March 1st at 12pm.

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