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June Slimmer of the Month 2018 – Vote Now!

June Slimmer of the Month 2018 – Vote Now!

Summer is upon us, the warmer weather has arrived and for many of us the thought of sporting a pair of shorts, or god forbid a bikini, is more than a little daunting. Despite this, it’s still very hard to stack on track, particularly when every other colleague is suggesting an ice cold glass of wine at the end of the day. So, if you are struggling to stay on track or are lacking a little motivation, look no further! These 3 amazing Exante customers have worked so hard and are here to show you that you can reach your goals too.  So now, it’s over to you to vote for your June Slimmer of the Month!

The winner will win either £100 site credit or £150 of beauty vouchers AND a chance to win our Slimmer of the Year competition and a luxury spa retreat!

Vote now to crown your June winner!

Meet David

David, 36

Starting Weight: 23 st, 8lbs

Current Weight: 16st, 2lbs 

After difficulty sleeping and realising he had to change t benefit his health, David lost over 7 stone with exante.

“I decided enough was enough, I couldn’t sleep properly, had sleep apnea, was always uncomfortable and not happy in myself. I had allowed myself to gain the weight by eating everything and anything and decided for both my health and longevity of life I had to do something about it.”

David made changes to ensure that it fit into his day-to-day routine. “Lifestyle is defined by the person living it. If you are committed to change then by default your lifestyle changes too.”

David’s health has improved so much since losing weight. “I can walk further, sleep properly and I’m not struggling for breath all the time either! I get comments to say that I’m looking well and can fit in a wider range of clothes. I can train better harder and faster and I can sit down and cross my legs!!”

“I’ve learned that weight loss is for YOU. You are in control of your weight loss and exante is a great tool for that.”

Meet Laura

Laura, 42

Starting Weight: 14st, 12lbs

Current Weight: 9st, 10lbs 

“I’d always tried to lose weight but would lose a stone and then struggle to keep going. This was something new for me. I wanted to wear clothes I loved and I was fed up of feeling tired and unfit.”

Laura tried a variety of plans to ensure she stuck to something that fit into her lifestyle. “When I started I did Total Solution and was very committed and focused with that. As time has gone on I’ve done Man Plan and Flexi Solution and I count calories. I always make sure I’m properly fuelled to keep up with my training plan. Plus it’s very handy to grab a bar when you’re out and about!”

Laura’s found a new love for fitness now and has so much more confidence. “I’ve taken up running which was unthinkable before. I used to try when I was bigger but it was really tough. It’s not easy now but I can tell I’m improving! I feel like a different person and I have more confidence. Plus, I love being able to buy clothes I want and to indulge my love of fashion.”

Meet Marie

Marie, 55

Starting Weight: 15st, 4lbs

Current Weight: 13st, 10lbs 

Although she hasn’t reached her final goal yet, Marie has massively improved her health and is working towards a healthier lifestyle.

“I knew I needed to change my bad habits, I had painful joints and didn’t want to feel like this with Summer coming up. My aim was 3 stones in 3 months.  Time wise and weight wise I’m halfway there.”

While Marie’s weight loss goal is still on-going, she has another goal to raise money for a small charity called Noah’s Little Ark, which protects animals based in Chania, Crete and give them a home.

“I haven’t lost enough weight yet but I know my mobility will be better and I’ll enjoy shopping for clothes more. I hope to change my habits forever!”

Voting is now OPEN for our June Slimmer of the Month! Vote now and your winner could be selected to WIN A LUXURY SPA RETREAT!

Voting closes Saturday 30th June at 9pm and the winner will be announced via social media on 3rd July at 12pm on social media.

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