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September Slimmer of the Month 2018 – Contestants

September Slimmer of the Month 2018 – Contestants

September has arrived and Autumn is finally here – so as the weather starts to cool, it can be tempting to stray away from your diet now that the bikini weather is a distant memory. However, these September slimmer of the month contestants have still managed to stick with their Exante diet plan and achieve incredible results! With the help of Exante, these four contestants have transformed their bodies, which has had an astounding impact on both their physical and mental wellbeing!

Now it’s over to you to have your say on who should be crowned our Slimmer of the Month this September! Here are our contestants’ stories…


The winner will win either £100 site credit or £150 of beauty vouchers AND a chance to win our Slimmer of the Year competition and a luxury spa retreat!

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Meet Jessica

before and after images of jessica, Exante slimmer of the month September contestant

Jessica, 23

Starting Weight:14st, 8lbs

Current Weight:11 stone 8lbs

“Since starting Exante, my life has changed for the better. I feel much more comfortable and happier with the way I look and when people tell me that I look good, it makes me feel even more amazing! It didn’t really even hit me that I’d lost weight until people started telling me – my fiancé looks at me everyday and tells me how proud he is of me, which is an amazing feeling!”

Jessica has achieved incredible weight loss results with Exante and has learnt how to control her portions. “One of the main things I have learnt is about portion sizes. I’ve realised that you can still be satisfied with just the right amount of food rather than piling up your plate with loads of rubbish!”

Jessica’s next goal is to lose another stone to reach her target weight so she can feel great in a bikini on holiday with her fiancé’s family in Portugal next year.

Meet James

before and after images of James, slimmer of the month september contestant

James, 70

Starting Weight: 23 st

Current Weight:19 stones, 6lbs

James’ diabetic nurse told him that unless he lost weight and improved his blood sugar levels, he would have to be put on insulin. This was the push that James needed to lose weight. ” I have two beautiful grandchildren and I want to see them grow up, and to be fit and healthy for them.”

Exante has completely transformed James’ life. “Over the last five years I have been in hospital with attrial fibrillation, had surgery on both feet, and torn my knee ligaments. I had completely given up walking, not even going round the supermarket with my wife. If I tried to go for a walk, I would have to sit down three or four times in the space of a mile. My wife and I are members of two beautiful gardens: Exbury gardens in the New Forest and West Dean Gardens in Sussex. I could hardly see any of them: at Exbury I had to take the electric buggy. Recently Susan and I did a 3.5 mile walk round Exbury, and walked the entire length of West Dean. The other day I did a 5.5 mile Nordic Walk locally, without needing to sit down once. Walking and hiking in the countryside are my favourite pass-times: Exante has quite literally given me my life back.”


James’ top tip is to join the Exante Facebook Group – it is a great motivational tool, and a place where you can feel comfortable asking questions and writing about your journey.

Meet Lucy

lucy before and after images, a slimmer of the month september contestant

Lucy, 32

Starting Weight: 11st, 6.5lbs

Current Weight: 9st, 10lbs 

Lucy and her husband have been trying for a baby and are currently trying to conceive through IVF. Lucy realised that losing weight could really help with the process, and that is why she decided to start her Exante Journey.

“I feel so much happier now, I feel more comfortable and am buying clothes in colours other than black! I have even noticed I am fitter for not carrying the extra weight around anymore, walking up steps and hills is now easy and I don’t get out of breath by the time I reach the top.”

“I have learnt that I don’t need to turn to food for comfort, and maybe I was just using it as an excuse. I have also learnt I have more willpower than I thought! I was determined to lose the weight and I have done.”


Meet Alex

before & after images of Alex, slimmer of the month september contestant

Alex, 45

Starting Weight: 15st, 13lbs

Current Weight: 11st, 11lbs 

Since starting Exante, Alex has dropped from a size 20 to a size 14 and now she has loads more energy and confidence. “I got to the point where climbing the stairs was avoided as much as possible, bending to tie my shoe laces was a chore, a short walk was getting impossible, the aches and pains were getting unbearable. I knew then it was time for change. Now I have loads more energy and love having my picture taken.”

Alex found giving up big meals and takeout difficult at the beginning, but when she started to save money and noticed the weight loss after just three days, the transition to Exante felt easy!

“I always had to think about the end result, how I wanted to look and how I wanted to feel. It takes a lot of will power and determination to succeed in something you really want.”


Voting is now OPEN for our August Slimmer of the Month! Vote now and your winner could be selected to WIN A LUXURY SPA RETREAT!

Voting closes on 31st August at midnight and the winner will be announced via social media at the start of September!

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