Calorie Deficit. The Science of weight Loss

Calorie Deficit: The science behind our plans

Our plans and products are all centred around one thing; a ‘Calorie Deficit’. In order to achieve your weight loss goals, your body must be consuming less calories than you burn. At exante, all our meal replacements, extras and accessories are designed with the basic principle of a Calorie Deficit in mind.

Find the perfect Calorie Deficit Diet plan for you

Each of our diet plans are approved by our in-house food scientists and registered nutritionists. For a simple and safe way to ensure your body is in a calorie deficit, check out our plans below.

Each of our delicious meal replacements are calorie controlled between 200-230’s never been simpler to achieve a calorie deficit to lose weight!

800 Calorie Plan 1200 Calorie Plan

How does a Calorie Deficit Work to lose weight?

Calories are simply a measure of energy which your body burns throughout the day.

To be in a calorie deficit to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume by either increasing physical activity, or consuming fewer calories. To learn more about how our plans help put you in a calorie deficit, check out our handy blog post here.

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Why not take a peek at some of our biggest success stories. From dropping a dress size to reversing Type 2 Diabetes to amazing 10st weight losses, we’ve seen some of the most amazing transformations from our wonderful exante family. Want to find out how? Take a look here!

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