Alex McLaughlan

Age: 47

Location: Dundee, Scotland

Start Weight: 23st

Current Weight: 12st 10lbs

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Q. What made you lose weight?

A. "The support and encouragement I got from my mother-in-law as she started exante and said why didn’t I, so I did. I’d had enough of carrying all this weight around so thought why not!”

Q. How has exante changed your life?

A. “I started this diet with huge hopes and wishes but never in my wildest dreams did I think would ever be where I am. I can’t put into words how amazing exante and everyone in the support group actually are.”

“My journey whilst incredible has been amazing and a real struggle at times. Never thought all those months ago when I was 23 stone and morbidly obese class 3 did I ever think I would reach where I am currently, being 1lb away from being in my normal weight bracket”

“I am very humbled to be called an inspiration by some in the Official Facebook Group”

“I’m no longer overweight regarding BMI”

“This is why I really like exante, does what it says on the tin”