"Exante has changed my life. I'm fitter, stronger and generally loving life!"

- Andre Busuttil

Andre Busuttil

Starting Weight: 18st 1lb

Ending Weight: 11st 9lb

Weight loss: 6st 6lb

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How did Exante fit into your lifestyle?
It's so easy! I was not restricted to 'meal times' - the products are so easy and adaptable to use I could have them whenever I fancied throughout the day. If I didn't want my first shake until 12ish, then that was cool - I could just do it! Wherever I was, whatever I was doing, there was a product to suit me and fit around my lifestyle. This was just perfect for me - the whole plan is so straightforward and uncomplicated it made the weight loss journey easy. With Exante there's no calorie counting, no meal planning, no weighing, no time-consuming calculations. Simple! The hardest part was choosing which product to have!

Q: When did you first notice a difference?
After the first 5 days I noticed my belt - which was straining on the last hole! - was getting looser. I knew it was working when I had to move it down a hole to tighten it up.

Q: How has your life changed since losing weight? Tell us your story.
Before I started on my Exante weight loss journey I weighed 18st 1lb and being 5ft 8 I knew this was way too much for me. I have always been a big guy - known for my love of food, even my nickname is Pastie! I am known for my outgoing, loud, funny, confident, love everyone, always happy personality - but this has always hidden the truth. Deep down I was hurting - I was bullied throughout my childhood, my teens and even into my adult life over my size. But I developed a thick skin, (pardon the pun!) learnt to ignore it and became the big, fat, joker. It's ok to be fat if you're funny and can laugh at yourself, right? Wrong. It affected me and I took solace in learning to cook and eating my work. But the trouble was, the food I was cooking was all so unhealthy, laden with fat and calories. So I put on more weight and felt bad about myself, so cooked some more to forget my troubles, ate the bad food I made, put on more weight, felt bad, cooked, ate, gained, felt bad, cooked, ate ..... on and on it went ..... Until, one day in May this year my girlfriend was putting away clean clothes in my wardrobe and counted how many t-shirts I had hanging up. 73!! I had 73 t-shirts - in various sizes from large to xxxlarge. Wow, you must be thinking - that's great to have so much choice! Except I didn't because out of the 73 only 2 actually fitted me.

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