"Exante has changed my life. I'm fitter, stronger and generally loving life!"

- Andre Busuttil

Andre Busuttil

Starting Weight: 18st 1lb

Ending Weight: 11st 9lb

Weight loss: 6st 6lb

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Read about how Andre lost his weight!

Q: How has Exante helped change your life?

A: Before I started on my Exante weight loss journey I weighed 18st 1lb and being 5ft 8 I knew this was way too much for me. I have always been a big guy - known for my love of food. I am known for my outgoing, loud, funny, confident, always happy personality - but this has always hidden the truth. Deep down I was hurting - I was bullied throughout my childhood, my teens and even into my adult life over my size. I had no clothes that fit me and I was so miserable and lacked so much energy that decided I needed to lose weight.

I tried Exante for a couple of weeks and the weight came off pretty quickly. I lost a stone in just 2 weeks so I stuck at it and now I am where I am today, 6 and half stone lighter! I finished Exante about 3 or 4 months ago and managed to keep all the weight off too. I go to the gym, eat healthily and watch what I eat to maintain my weight loss. I just feel really great about myself now!

Q: How did Exante fit into your lifestyle?

A:It's so easy! I was not restricted to 'meal times' - the products are so easy and adaptable to use I could have them whenever I fancied throughout the day. If I didn't want my first shake until 12ish, then that was cool - I could just do it! Wherever I was, whatever I was doing, there was a product to suit me and fit around my lifestyle. This was just perfect for me - the whole plan is so straightforward and uncomplicated it made the weight loss journey easy. With Exante there's no calorie counting, no meal planning, no weighing, no time-consuming calculations. Simple! The hardest part was choosing which product to have!

Q: How has losing weight made you feel??

A: I feel brilliant! It only took me around 21 weeks to lose the weight, which just wouldn’t happen on any other diet. I’ve tried them all and it really didn’t!

Q: How has Exante helped with your nutrition?

A: When I was big before, I was eating a lot of takeaways and rubbish food. I decided when I lost the weight I wanted to start cooking healthy food for myself. I looked up lots of healthy recipes and ways to enjoy eating much healthier foods, fruits and vegetables. Everything just tastes so much better than the rubbish takeaways you get where you have no idea what ingredients they’ve put in them! I cook every day now and I’m so passionate about eating well!

Q: Do you still use the Exante products as part of your healthy lifestyle now?

A: Of course. Usually I will take a bar or shake to work with me to have as a quick snack or if I don’t have time for lunch at work. They’re perfect if you’re running late too and haven’t had time for breakfast.

Q: When did other people notice a difference?

A: People noticed straight away because I lost the weight so quickly. A lot of people were shocked and so impressed that they also wanted to jump on the Exante bandwagon! Now I just recommend it to everyone. Because they’ve seen the transformation in me they all want to be a part of it too!

Q: How has Exante helped you be more active? 

A: I’ve got 4 French bulldogs and before I lost the weight I was finding it difficult to walk them and for them to get exercise. Now, I find I can go out on longer walks with my girlfriend and we really enjoy spending the afternoon together. We love exploring new places, going on mountain walks and forest walks. 

Q: And what advice do you give people looking to lose weight? 

A: I mainly give them advice on the start of their diet. The first few days are by far the hardest so I always let them know this and tell them to stick with it. After those few days it really does get easier and it’s so worth it! I would say to anyone to try Exante and would tell them the first few days are going to be really hard. However, if they can stick with it, it will 100% be worth it in the end. The results show just how worth it, it is!