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Introducing the NEW Ultra-Convenient Pot Meals...

Enjoying a healthy savoury meal has never been easier! The NEW savoury Pot Meals from exante have arrived; Pasta Bolognese and Creamy Thai Noodles are now on the menu. Enjoy the deliciously filling and rich flavours of the convenient meal replacement pots. Made with real pasta, noodles and the perfect blend of herbs and spices, these little pots are ideal for when you crave that savoury fix! Simply just add boiling water and enjoy wherever you are...simple, right?
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Taste is Never Compromised!

Creating simple products to support your weight loss goals is our number one priority at exante. That’s why the NEW pot meals are perfect for those on-the-go days or when you need a simple solution, without compromising on flavour! Learn more about the new Pot Meal range on our blog post here.

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