Breakfast Time!

Join the Breakfast Club with exante’s Breakfast Range

Forget the fry up, we’ve got a full range of delicious breakfast options, perfect for busy, on-the-go lifestyles. From porridge to cold brew, we’ve got you covered with a range of low-calorie, quick alternatives for breakfast that’ll keep you satisfied until lunchtime. So, put down the knives and chopping boards, switch on the kettle and do breakfast the right way.
Porridge pots

A totally good breakfast

There’s really nothing better than starting the day with a comforting bowl of porridge. Our tasty Porridge Pots are the perfect on-the-go breakfast and come in 4 tasty flavours, including our NEW Red Currant and Chocolate Flavour. Whether you enjoy porridge on a lazy morning or at your desk at work, our Porridge Pots are a fibre-filled breakfast treat, packed full of goodness and finished with 27 vitamins & minerals.

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Porridge Pots

Pimp up your pancakes

Gone are the days where pancakes are a special morning treat. Thanks to our quick and easy Pancake mixes, you can enjoy them any day of the week, simply mix with water and cook. Choose between Lemon or Maple Syrup pancakes for a low calorie, high fibre & protein breakfast that takes just minutes to make.

Still not satisfied? Try our zero-sugar syrups for the perfect pancake topper. Choose between our tasty Raspberry or Maple Syrup flavours for a sugar free alternative to syrup that’s kinder to your teeth.

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Porridge pots

A coffee a day...

Bored of your same old morning coffee? Switch it out for our refreshing Cold Brew BURST. Our delicious Cold Brew is more than just an energy drink, it’s made with real coffee bean extract and a unique 3 in 1 vitamin complex. Cold Brew BURST is just 11 calories per serving and low sugar, making it the perfect guilt-free morning pick-me-up.

Mix up your Cold Brew with our Flavour Drops which come in 4 tasty flavours. These zero-sugar, zero-calorie, vegan-friendly wonders are an absolute must for making your mornings that little bit special- because who doesn’t love sweetening up their morning?

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