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The safest and most effective way to lose weight quickly and reach a healthier body weight is to use total diet replacement (TDR) products.
The Momenta Diabetes Remission Programme, also delivered as the NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme, has three distinct phases:

Phase 1: You'll follow a low calorie diet of approximately 800 calories a day for 12 weeks.
Phase 2: You'll gradually replace the products with 'real food' over six weeks.
Phase 3: We'll support you to keep off the weight you've lost over the rest of the 12-month programme and beyond.

You'll need to use this section of exante's site to order all the TDR products for the programme - our diabetes nutrition experts have reviewed all the products available here and you can use your Voucher codes (which won't work on the main site).

Sample Order

Only Select this if you have been given a voucher code for a sample order and have not started phase 1 yet. You can choose from a range of shakes, soups, bars and ready meals.

Sample Order

Trial Order

Only Select this if you have been given a voucher code for a trial order and have not started phase 1 yet. A single order includes everything you need to have for 3 TDR products a day for 4 days. You can choose from a range of shakes, soups, bars and ready meals.

Trial Order

Why use TDR products?

Many people believe that losing lots of weight quickly will result in gaining it all back just as fast. That’s not actually what the research shows. In fact, the more weight people lose in the first few months, the more they tend to keep off further down the line.

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How many products do I need and how do I order them?

At the appropriate sessions we’ll give you Exante Voucher codes to cover all the products you’ll need during the different Phases of the programme. Ordering is very simple on this site.

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Nutrition Information

You can check the ingredients of each product when you click on it but if you’re interested in an overview, as well as understanding more about the role of fibre supplements

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’re welcome to get in touch with your questions or ask your Coach in your sessions but you might want to glance through these FAQs first and see if any of the answers are helpful.

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'Momenta and exante'

Momenta programme participants should focus only on pages accessible 'www.exantediet.com/momenta.list' (any page with ‘Momenta’ in the URL). The rest of exante’s site is for a broader, less-specific audience and often not relevant, or even confusing, for Momenta participants. Please do not download the app or sign up to the newsletter as messaging and content will be different. Also, please ignore any offers on e.g. free delivery that pop up or feature at the top of your screen – ALL your products and delivery are free for you if you use your Voucher codes. If you contact Exante’s Helpdesk using the information below then let them know that you are on the Momenta Diabetes Remission programme delivered as part of the NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme.