Momenta and Exante: Why use TDR products?

Why use TDR products?

Many people believe that losing lots of weight quickly will result in gaining it all back just as fast. That’s not actually what the research shows. In fact, the more weight people lose in the first few months, the more they tend to keep off further down the line. Having total diet replacement products of about 800 calories a day consistently comes out as better for achieving significant weight loss than food‐based dieting. The Momenta Diabetes Remission Programme will help you not just lose the weight in this way but also support you to learn how to keep it off.

Why use exante products?

The Momenta team have chosen to partner with exante to supply the total diet replacement (TDR) products for this programme. We did this for several reasons.

Packed full of goodness

Our diabetes nutrition experts reviewed exante’s product range to make sure that the ones we offer are ‘nutritionally complete’. This means that if you use the products as recommended on the programme you’ll lose weight and your body will get the essential nutrients it needs.

Lots of choice

exante have a very wide range of products and flavours – not simply the standard shakes but also bars, soups and meals. If you’re not so keen on sweet drinks, they also offer ‘unflavoured’ shakes that you can add your own calorie‐free flavours to. They add products regularly so you’ll have plenty of variety to keep things interesting!

Something for everyone

Exante offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten‐free and low sugar options, adding more to these ranges regularly.

Safety first!

As with any major change in diet it’s important you have the right medical checks before starting total diet replacement products. That’s why your GP practice has been involved in your referral. As long as you’ve had those checks and follow any advice given, including changes to your medications, having 800 calories a day from TDR products is a safe and effective way to lose a significant amount of weight in just 12 weeks.

Momenta and Exante Frequently Asked Questions


Momenta and Exante Frequently Asked Questions

2019-11-06 16:38:17By Momenta

Momenta and exante

Momenta programme participants should focus only on pages accessible ‘’ (any page with ‘Momenta’ in the URL). The rest of exante’s site is for a broader, less-specific audience and often not relevant, or even confusing, for Momenta participants. Please do not download the app or sign up to the newsletter as messaging and content will be different. Also, please ignore any offers (e.g. free delivery) that pop up or feature at the top of your screen – ALL your products and delivery are free for you if you use your Voucher codes. Finally, if you contact exante’s Helpdesk using the information below then let them know that you are on the Momenta Diabetes Remission programme delivered as part of the NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme.



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Discover Momenta’s team includes experienced specialists in nutrition, psychology, physical activity, diabetes and programme design. We've partnered with leading experts from both Newcastle University who spearheaded the cutting-edge research behind the concept of Type 2 diabetes remission and University College London who specialise in behaviour change. Momenta Newcastle’s team deliver the programme, initially in Birmingham & Solihull as part of the NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme.

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