Momenta and Exante Nutritional Information

Nutrition information


The available exante products are 200‐220 calories and most products have at least one third of your daily requirements of 27 vitamins and minerals. Compared to many alternatives they’re relatively high in protein and fibre and convenient and easy to use.

Dietary preferences:

The exante range has vegetarian, vegan and low sugar options.


You can check the ingredients and nutrition information of all the products on the exante website before ordering. You should do this if you have any food allergies or relevant cultural or religious beliefs. You can also check ingredients on the packet.

Drinks during Phase 1:

During Phase 1, as well as any fluid you use to make your TDR products, you’ll need to drink 2.5 litres (about 4½ pints) of calorie‐free drinks a day to:

  • Reduce the chances or severity of constipation
  • Replace the fluids you’d otherwise get from foods like fruit and vegetables
  • Replace the fluids you naturally lose on TDR products, which have a diuretic effect
  • Prevent dehydration
  • Help reduce any feelings of hunger.


It isn’t possible to get all of the recommended daily fibre (30g) into TDR products. They just wouldn’t be drinkable! It’s OK for most people to have slightly less fibre than recommended for a limited time, like the 12 weeks of Phase 1. In fact, if foods like vegetables, wholegrains, pulses, nuts and seeds haven’t been high on your agenda, the TDR products may even contain more fibre than you’ve been having previously.

That said, taking a fibre supplement with your TDR products will help prevent constipation – one of the most common side effects of this kind of diet. It’s advisable to start taking 7g of fibre a day from the first day of TDR.


  • Mix about one third of your 7g supplement with about 350ml of water (from your 2.5 litres extra drinks). Ideally drink with, or just after, a TDR product. Do this three times a day.
  • If you prefer you can the fibre into your soups or shakes but you’ll also need to drink extra water at the same time (at least 350ml ‐ from your 2.5l extra drinks a day)
  • Do NOT add into yoghurt or fruit juice sometimes suggested on the packets.

You should be able to stop taking the supplement in Phase 2. If you have any persistent discomfort or diarrhoea that you think might be associated with the fibre supplement, please stop taking it and contact Momenta’s Support team for advice.

Momenta and Exante:  How many products do I need and how do I order them? 


Momenta and Exante:  How many products do I need and how do I order them? 

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Momenta x exante

Momenta programme participants should focus only on pages accessible ‘’ (any page with ‘Momenta’ in the URL). The rest of exante’s site is for a broader, less-specific audience and often not relevant, or even confusing, for Momenta participants. Please do not download the app or sign up to the newsletter as messaging and content will be different. Also, please ignore any offers on e.g. free delivery that pop up or feature at the top of your screen – ALL your products and delivery are free for you if you use your Voucher codes. If you contact Exante’s Helpdesk using the information below then let them know that you are on the Momenta Diabetes Remission programme delivered as part of the NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme.



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