Low Calorie Week

A 'Low Calorie Week' is required every 3 weeks on Exante Diet for customers following our Total Solution programme (not required for participants on Total Plus). You should have a break after every 3 weeks while following a Total Dietary Replacement programme. NICE guidelines state that VLCD's should not be followed continuously for long periods of time. Furthermore, EU regulation state that total dietary replacement programmes should not be followed for more than 3 week without medical supervision. Low calorie week will allow you to take a break from VLCD in a structured way and then return to the VLCD at the end of the week.

Some clients can sometimes feel a little lost and not have a sense of control or direction when it comes to low calorie week. Many will feel apprehensive about putting on weight and going off track. However, there are certain approaches you can adopt to suits your needs, whether it’s to remain in ketosis, to stay abstinent from food or to have a structured meal there’s an approach which will work for you. On each option below you should have at least 201 kcal of conventional food each day and no more than 600kcal.

Milk Option

If you want to stay abstinent from food you can opt to have a minimum of 201kcals from milk.

Milk contains a large amount of essential nutrients and has been recognised as nature’s single most complete food. Milk, as a food can aid in growth, energy, reproduction, repair and controlling appetite. Milk is an outstanding source of vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy important fats which make it an ideal option to consume during food week.

To hit your 201kcal you would need to have:

Type Kcal per 100mls Carbs per 100mls Amount per 200kcal Carbs per 200kcal
Whole 66 4.5 305mls 13.7g
Semi Skimmed 50 4.7 400mls 19.2g
1% 40 4.6 500mls 23.0g
Skimmed 32 4.4 650mls 28.6g
Goats 71 4.6 285mls 13.1g
Soya Sweetened 39 3.0 515mls 15.5g
Soya Unsweetened 31 0.2 660mls 1.3g
Unsweetened Almond 13 0.1 1538mls 1.5g

*Nutrition and carbs will vary from brand to brand. The above is based on Tesco’s own brand versions.

Food Option for Ketosis

If you want to still remain in ketosis then you should aim to have 201-600kcal of food each day and no more than 10g of carbohydrates from this food. We recommend selecting a protein choice and vegetables from the food list below. We suggest that these are prepared without the use of oil/fat (Frylight or similar is acceptable).

Suggested food (Protein)

*These foods are slightly higher in carbs

Exante Choco Balls 1/2 pack (17.5g) 79 5g per 17.5g serving
Protein Bites 1/2 pack (15g) 1 pack (30g) 60 per 1/2 pack 110 per pack 4.1g per 1/2 pack 8.2g per pack
Cottage Cheese* 100g 98 3.4g
Quorn Pieces* 100g 86 4g
Tofu 100g 76 1.6g
Walnuts 30g 183 4.4g
2 Eggs Per 2 medium eggs 150 1g per 2 eggs
Tuna (fresh or tinned) 100g 116 Trace
Kippers 100g 217 Trace
Any shellfish e.g. 12 mussels 150 Trace
Salmon 100g 208 Trace
Prawns 100g 105 Trace
Sea Bass or other white fish 100g 125 0.5g
Lean Chicken Breast 100g 165 Trace
Lean Turkey Breast 100g 104 Trace
2 Rashers (50g) lean grilled bacon Per 2 25g rashers 146 Trace per 2 rashers
Liver 100g 167 1g
Lean ground beef 100g 136 1g
Lamb Mince 100g 215 Trace
Pork Chops 100g 231 Trace

Suggested Foods (Vegetables)

Vegetables Calories per 100g Available carbs per 100g*
Alfalfa Sprouts 23 0.2
Asparagus 20 1.7
Aubergine 25 3.0
Avocado 160 2.0
Bamboo Shoots 27 2.8
Bean Sprouts 30 4.0
Broccoli 34 4.4
Cabbage (any type) 25 3.5
Cauliflower 25 3.0
Celery 16 1.4
Courgette 17 2.1
Cucumber 16 3.1
Fennel 31 3.9
Green Beans 31 4.3
Green Pepper 20 2.9
Lettuce 15 1.6
Kale 28 3.6
Marrow 11 1.1
Mushrooms 25 0.3
Olives (green or black) 146 0.4
Pak Choi 13 1.2
Radish 16 2.0
Rocket 25 2.0
Spinach 23 1.4
Spring Onions 32 4.4
Tomato 18 3.0
Turnip 22 3.0
Watercress 11 0.8
Available carbohydrate is the amount of total carbohydrate minus dietary fibre (fibre is not absorbed by the body)

  1. You can have milk this week if you wish. Remember to count it in your calorie and carb allowance though. See milk option table for nutritional values
  2. In addition to vegetables you may consume Konjac noodles/pasta/rice e.g. Skinny pasta, zero noodles etc. – suggested max 200g per day. Please count the calories and any carbs in these.

Optional Extra’s

Drinks Maximum Amount
Coffee, no milk – freeze dried (flavoured or regular), freshly roasted, decaffeinated or regular Unlimited
Tea, no milk – tea from the leaf, root or seed (not fruit based or from the flower) Unlimited
Coke Zero, Dr Pepper Zero or other carbohydrate and calorie free soft drink not containing citric acid 330mls per day
Exante Drinks Mix 4tsp per day
Stock powder / bullion or stock cube 2 tsp. or 1 cube per day
Beef Bovril or Marmite 1tsp. per day

Condiments Maximum Amount
Walden Farms products (all varieties as long as calorie and carb free) 3tbsp. per day
All herbs and spices – dried, fresh or in a tube/jar Unlimited
Garlic (fresh, paste or powder) Unlimited
Frylight or other 1 kcal spray Unlimited
Tabasco Unlimited
Soya sauce, Worcestershire sauce 2tsp. per day
Fish Sauce Unlimited
Tablet Sweetener Unlimited
Vinegar – malt, balsamic 1 tsp. per day
Salt, pepper Unlimited

*These extras are not limited to one per day.

  1. Food option non-ketosis

If however, you would like to do your own healthy eating plan then that’s perfectly fine. Just remember to add 201-600kcal of conventional foods each day in addition to your 3 food packs.

There are recipes on the Exante site which you can use or adapt. A few points to consider helping you stay on track during low calorie week:

  • Opt for healthy proteins choices (chicken, salmon, white fish, tofu, eggs)
  • Have a portion of fibre with your meal
  • Select a range of vegetables to have with your protein choices
  • You can have fruit this week; just remember it still contains quite a lot of sugar.
  • Avoid white starches such as white bread, white pasta and rice. If you want these types of foods then whole grain options are better.
  • Avoid foods with lots of sugar such as confectionary biscuits, cakes and sauces such as ketchup.
  • Drink 2-4 litre of water each day

What do I do after low calorie week?

Following low calorie week you are free to follow any of our plans. If you return to Total Solution just remember to repeat a low calorie week after 3 weeks on the programme.

Low calorie week basics

- Consume 3 food packs a day
- Consume 2-4 litres of fluid each day
- Consume at least 201kcal of food from the 3 options above