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7 Ways to Make Your Supplements Pot More Sustainable

7 ways to make your supplements more sustainable

Have you ordered any of our new supplements range? There really is something for everyone to help give you an extra boost on your weight loss journey. Whilst the pot is recyclable when the lid and label is removed, we thought we would go one step further and give you some clever ways to reuse your supplements pot! 

1. Save your loose change 

Fed up of those coppers taking up room in your purse? Collect your loose change in your empty supplements pot. It’s the perfect size for a grown-up piggy bank! And you know what they say… look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves!  

2. Get crafty!

Storing the kids arts and crafts supplies can be messy and take up a lot of space. Use your supplements bottle to store sequins, glitter or leftover paint. The pot also makes the perfect storage for crayons to throw in your bag to keep the kids entertained when out and about!

3. Run out of travel minis? 

Rather than running to the drugstore to buy those teeny-tiny bottles of shampoo, conditioner and other toiletries for your next trip, try using your supplements pot. Decant your favourite products in to the handy pot and save the planet and your pocket! 

4. Don’t get your wires crossed! 

Headphones and chargers always seem to end up in a tangled knot, no matter where you leave them. Avoid the frustration of untangling them by storing your electrical cables neatly inside your supplements pot when not in use. It’s the perfect travel/on-the-go storage too! 

5. Re-organise

Your empty supplements pot offers a great way to reorganise your garage or garden shed. Gather up screws, hooks and nails and organise in to your supplements pot(s). Stick a label on the front to make it clear what’s where! 

6. Green fingered? 

Always forgetting to water your hanging basket or house plant? Punch holes in the top of your supplements pot and fill with water. Not only will the smaller size be easier than a watering can to store, but it will also stop you over watering your plants. It’s a win-win! 

7. Get creative in the kitchen 

Empty supplements pots can be used to streamline your kitchen cupboards. Decant your almost empty spice containers into your empty pot to create your own spice mix! Or even try using your supplements pot to mix and store homemade sauces and marinades. 

Have you got more ideas of how to reuse your supplements pot? Make sure you share them in our Official Facebook Group! We love seeing you getting creative with our products, keep an eye on our Instagram page where we share some of our favourites!

Megan Edwards

Megan Edwards

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