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How to heal your Gut Health

Everything you need to know about gut health:  

With many people searching for ways to improve their gut health, we’re taking a deep dive into what a healthy gut actually is, what factors can affect it and how you can heal your gut naturally!  

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What is it?

Put simply, your gut refers to your intestines, which house millions of tiny organisms (microbiomes) that are responsible for digesting the food you eat, nutrient absorption and getting rid of waste.  

Maintaining a healthy gut is important because with an unhealthy digestive system, the body struggles to get rid of wastes which can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as brain fog, diarrhoea, constipation, gas and even joint pain!  

What factors affect gut health?

There are many factors that can affect a healthy gut, these include:  

1. Food intake:  The food we eat can impact our gut, opting for high fibre meals can encourage a healthier gut environment and help move waste through the body.  

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2. Stress: Stress can have a massive impact on our gut health, prolonged periods of stress can damage your intestinal lining; which leads to a condition called ‘leaky gut’. Stress hormones can also reshape the gut’s bacteria levels which leads to indigestion and constipation.  

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Staying Healthy

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3. Physical activity: Moderate exercise can have a positive impact on your gut, as it may contribute to reducing inflammation and increases the number of beneficial bacteria found in the intestine.  

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How do you heal your gut naturally?

  • Drink plenty of water! Staying hydrated is very important for maintaining gut health. Water can improve absorption of nutrients in the gut and the gut’s composition.  
  • Get enough sleep: Sleep is crucial for reaching all your health goals, including healing your gut. Studies show that getting enough sleep can help reduce stress and balance hormone levels.  
  • Change your diet: Avoid foods that are highly processed and are high in added sugars, as they can contribute to inflammation which is harmful to the health of your gut and can hinder nutrient absorption.  

One of the most common conditions affecting your gut Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), watch Dr. Frankie explain exactly what IBS is, and what are the best ways to treat it:

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Lujain Alhassan

Lujain Alhassan

Writer and expert

Lujain is a Registered Nutritionist (ANutr) with a BSc in Nutrition from the University of Leeds. With a keen interest in Diabetes and performance nutrition, Lujain works closely with our team and medical partners as our in-house nutritionist and nutrition coordinator.