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Make 2022 even Juicier with exante’s Plant-Based JUICED…

Your year just got even juicer! 

Plant Based JUICED

Yep. You heard us; we’ve got two NEW flavours of our world’s first clear meal replacement shake, made with a unique totally plant-based recipe! Now we all know that January and February in the UK are pretty gloomy months, so why not add a ray of sunshine into your winter with our brand-new tropical-inspired JUICED flavours? We now have Pineapple and Blood Orange flavours joining our JUICED family. Intrigued? Let’s find out more… 


Pineapple JUICED

Start 2022 the right way and add a tropical touch to your routine with our delicious Pineapple JUICED. A world’s first plant-based clear meal replacement shake, Pineapple JUICED is made with real pineapple juice to give a sweet and indulgent taste with every drink. Made with soya protein, flaxseed and safflower oils, Pineapple JUICED is the ultimate high protein plant-based drink, perfect for mixing up your meals!  

Blood Orange  

Blood Orange Plant Based JUICED

Crazy about citrus? Then you’ll LOVE our brand new plant-based Blood Orange JUICED. With every sip, enjoy sweet and tangy citrus flavours and feed your body full of goodness! Made full of flavour, this plant-based meal replacement is great for vegetarians, vegans or anyone interested in switching up their diet. 

What are the benefits?

Our new plant-based JUICED is just like the original range, packed full of flavour and brimming with benefits. Let’s check them out:  

  • High protein 
  • High fibre 
  • Contains real fruit juices 
  • Low sugar  
  • Enriched with a vegan micronutrient blend of 27 vitamins & minerals  
  • Convenient 10 serve tub 
  • Gut friendly 
  • A world’s first clear plant-based protein meal replacement shake 


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How do I make my JUICED shake?

Our new JUICED meal replacement shakes are super simple to make and can be enjoyed virtually anywhere so long as you have your trusty exante shaker. If you’re using a 10 serve tub, you’ll need to add 2 scoops to 500ml of ice-cold water. Then, drop in the metal ball whisk and screw the lid tightly, shake and leave to settle for about a minute before enjoying your shake.  

How does JUICED fit into my lifestyle?

Our plant-based JUICED can slot into any lifestyle. Whether you want to use it as a meal replacement for a very low calorie diet, as part of a calorie deficit or just as a healthy meal alterative, JUICED is the perfect plant-based option for you.  

What other plant-based products does exante offer?

Like what you see? Well, you’re in luck because we now have a full range of plant-based products at exante- and our range just keeps on growing! From Layered Bars to meal replacement shakes, protein snack balls to our NEW JUICED flavours, we’ve got you covered with our all-things plant-based range.  

We’d love to hear what you think about our NEW plant-based JUICED collection, so make sure to stay in touch via Instagram or Facebook! Fancy joining the exante family? Join our Facebook Closed Group and share tips, tricks and inspirational stories with our growing community.  

Amelia Dunn

Amelia Dunn

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