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Meal Replacement Shake Reviews: What Do People Really Think Of Our Shakes?

Meal Replacement Shake Reviews: What Do People Really Think Of Our Shakes?

Not sure which Exante meal replacement shake you should choose?

If you’re a sensible buyer, you’ll know that taking a punt doesn’t always work out for the best. That’s why we think our customers should know what the products are really like before they buy them, from a different perspective than ours!

Of course, we’re biased and we think we have the best meal replacement shakes ever, but we’d like you to find this out for yourself. Take a look at our diet shakes reviews and see what customers think of our Strawberry Shakes, Chocolate Shakes, Vanilla Shakes, Chocolate Mint Shakes and Creamy Coconut Shakes.

You can also gain some useful advice & tips and tricks from previous Exante customers too! Our favourite nugget of wisdom? Mixing coffee into the diet vanilla shake, mmm!

Exante Meal Replacement Shake Reviews

Our Strawberry Shake

After being on the Cambridge Diet I wasn’t too sure how the shakes would taste. I found that not only does the shake extremely nice and tasted the same if not better” by Sam

“I decided to opt for some shakes as I find it hard when I’m on the move and the gym all the time to have a sit down meal at lunch. I have to say the shakes I find delicious and they really fill me up. I have one a day for lunch after my work out at the gym and have breakfast and dinner. I used to snack quite a lot but i find with these shakes I don’t really need to. Really good purchase. I have purchased twice from here and when i run out of shakes i will be coming back for more 100% :)” by Marissa

“The new improved is great most especially for those with allergy sufferers. Gluten free” by Good stuff

Very pleasant to drink. I have also made strawberry flavoured lollys using 150 ml of water. Taste just like the milk lollys I used to have as a child. Fab” by Kubby

“Delicious….kept me satisfied for hours. Only been on Exante diet for a couple of weeks and already lost 12lbs. Very happy” by Josiek

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Our Chocolate Shake

“This was new to me so I was cautious thinking it might taste powdery like so many other diet drinks. It was a nice surprise” by ritaiow

“If you like chocolate, you won’t be disappointed. There is no chalky texture, it mixes well and leaves you full and satisfied – I dare say, it feels naughty to have this chocolate product knowing you can have them and still lose weight” by Dawn

“The shake tastes amazing which is good because some other meal replacement drinks taste powdery, this one however is really tasty and keeps me feeling full up. I’ve also heated it up in the microwave and had a hot chocolate which is lovely on the cold mornings. I will definitely be ordering again” by Sally F

Much improved on the original Chocolate shake, when mixed in a blender it is lovely and smooth. It has a delicious chocolatey taste. I’m defo going to order again” by Emerging Beauty

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Our Vanilla Shake

My first shake – the vanilla. Wow, I am impressed, tasted like melted vanilla ice cream. I don’t like my shakes thick so I added 350ml of water and it was perfect. The shakes are so handy to use, if you have a shaker and a bottle of water you can drink them on the go, easy as that. Product rating 10/10” by Stroma

“I bought these along with lots of the other Exante shakes and only reordered the vanilla and the coconut ones. This one is creamy and light and keeps me full for five to six hours. I don’t like having breakfast but these are easy to drink even at 6.30 in the morning” by Binkybonk

When I picked up the vanilla shake for my Sunday morning breakfast I was dreading it. I thought I was going to get that powdery, artificial taste that I associate with another well known but sugary brand and also with some protein shake companies. BUT this shake was mind-blowingly amazing. I nearly chugged it straight down it was just so good. It was like someone had scooped vanilla ice cream in. I loved how sweet it was because it fixed the sugar cravings I always get at the start of a new diet. It was just beautiful and I ordered more straight away to replace some of the more horrible evening meals” by Loren

This is my favourite shake out of all because I can do so much with it! I’ve combined it with all the different flavour coffees that Exante sell with ice in my Nutri bullet and it takes lush! This will always be the first thing I drink in the mornings!” by Victoriaplum

Very good with a spoonful of coffee” by JP

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Our Chocolate Mint Shake

“This is, by far, my favourite shake! It tastes absolutely delicious, and the mint is really refreshing too. :)” by Amy

Absolutely love this. Reminds me of mint choc chip ice cream. Prefect and leaves a lovely fresh aftertaste!!” by Lucie

If there are any Americans out there, these are just like thin mints cookies! They’re delicious!! I keep hoping they’ll still be available when I go to refill my arsenal. So good!” by emma

Love how minty and fresh this shake is with the added chocolate for bonus. One of my best shakes” by Kimi

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Our Creamy Coconut Shake

Delicious. Favourite by far. I have one of these every morning and still not bored” by hooked

This is one of my favourite flavour shakes . It has a lovely flavor and I find it filling. I always make the shake then pop in the freezer for a bit. I find by doing that it’s even more like a thick milkshake” by Bythesea

Yes please. I could drink these all day long. Very tasty and filling. Very sweet and coconuty. No need to say anymore – feels like a treat so those with a sweet tooth or nr period time, will love this shake. X” by lottiebella

The first product I chose from my first ever order as I just LOVE coconut….it mixed well in my shaker cup and was easy to drink , delicious coconut flavour , creamy and FILLING…Fab love it!” by rachelm

Oh wow, I wish I was able to drink more of this on the plan! Its so thick and creamy, coconutty deliciousness! Definitely recommend, my favourite so far!” by Natasha

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