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5 Habits that could Add to your Anxiety

5 Habits that could Add to your Anxiety

Being continually anxious is the worst, and unfortunately, more and more people are living with anxiety thanks to the ‘always switched on’ culture of social media and selfies we’ve become so used to. Paranoia, loneliness, FOMO (fear of missing out) and, you guessed it, anxiety, are just some of the drawbacks we now experience on a regular basis, and they’re only getting worse.

Although commonly swept under the rug, anxiety is a legitimate mental health issue that fills the brain and body with feelings of unease, fear, stress and worry. A lot of people even worry about worrying, which is an endless cycle and can contribute to humungous mental fatigue!

So, how can you keep your anxiety to a minimum? Take a look at these 5 anxiety-inducing habits you might be doing, and see how you can fight them head on!

5 habits that could add to your anxiety


1 | Sleepless nights

Everyone know you’ve got to get a good night’s sleep to function properly the next day, but sleepless nights can also contribute to your anxiety without you even noticing. If you’re feeling particularly sleepy, your stress levels are more likely to shoot up as lack of patience and agitation set in.

You can quit the sleepless nights by kerbing just a few of your favourite things, and learning to think about your mind & body first. These include: avoiding caffeine any time after 5pm (this includes energy drinks and tea), staying away from ‘blue light’ technology (such as your phone or TV) one hour before shut-eye, and relaxing your way into sleep with a book, meditation, or listening to calming music.

2 | Junk food + sugar

Junk food and sugar are a destructive combination when it comes to your health, and together they can really contribute to increased anxiety levels. Sugar is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and quickly vacates from the body too, giving a blood sugar crash that leaves most feeling low and anxious.

Junk food’s artificial flavours and fat generate anxiety because the dopamine, the pleasure senses in the brain, are only satisfied temporarily. The lack of nutrients in the junk food will also send dopamine levels back down to crash, leaving you high and dry both mentally and physically.

Instead, when you feel like a nutritious snack, try our low calorie/carb snack alternatives, like our Chocolate Protein Wafer, or NEW Protein Popcorn (exclusive to us in collaboration with Joe & Seph).

3 | Messiness

A dirty home and lack of organisation can add to anxiety because of the complete lack of control you’re feeling in your own little world. Once you’ve reached a certain level of messiness, the task in hand can seem even more mountainous and difficult to tackle, increasing anxiety even further!

Help yourself by tidying up and cleaning incrementally. This might mean straightening your bed each morning, sweeping the floor each evening, and tidying up as you go along when cooking your dinner.

4 | Staying indoors too much

The indoors can be comforting, but spending too much time inside can lead to increased anxiety. Lack of movement and restricted space can feel greatly limiting on your mental psyche and can create the feeling of walls closing in rapidly.

Just going for a leisurely walk a day, maybe to your train or bus, and getting out in the fresh air can be good for relieving anxiety, releasing endorphins and keeping stress levels to a minimum.

Prefer to exercise indoors? Click here to try our easy at-home workouts. Want to stay hydrated? We’ve got the gear for you, from a Water Infuser to a Breville Blender to whizz up your shakes.

5 | Running late

Nobody genuinely likes to be late, and there are a multitude of reasons for this…. a) you’re worrying about keeping someone waiting, b) you’re growing concerned about how you’ll be perceived when you’re late, and c) knowing you’re going to be late and it being completely out of your control.

Save yourself the hassle by giving yourself an extra 10 minutes for every task you need to do. If it takes you 20 minutes to drive, take into account the likelihood of traffic and leave as if it will take you 30 minutes. If it takes you 10 minutes to walk from the car park, give yourself time for cumbersome events, such as struggling to find a parking space, having no change for the meter, etc. so you’re not haphazardly rushing to and fro (and getting sweaty). Sticking to this will seem like such a tiny commitment, but it’s something that will pay off in dividends in the long-term!

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