Top 5 Habits for a Healthy Workplace

Top 5 Habits for a Healthy Workplace

They say old habits die hard, and there’s nothing harder than going back to the workplace after the festive period and realising it’s no longer socially acceptable to eat Advent Calendar chocolate for breakfast.

So, once January 1st comes around, it always seems like a good opportunity to do away with the high calorie, high sugar foods and instead trade in for celery sticks, cucumber & hummus. Not as delicious, but at least you’re sticking to your New Year’s Resolution, right?

But then in the first week back the workplace biscuits, cakes & sandwich platters come out to play… with disastrous consequences. How could you possibly resist a bountiful slab of carrot cake when all you have in your desk drawer to snack on are just plain old raw carrots?

It’s not easy – we definitely struggle in the Exante office – but have no fear, there ARE ways for you to kick the bad habits to the kerb without losing your marbles.

Take a look at our top 5 healthy habits for the workplace…

Top 5 Habits for a Healthy Workplace

1 | Keep snacking, but snack sensibly

Once your desk neighbour pops open a bag of crisps or munches on a cookie, you’re probably already halfway to craving the bad stuff. It’s the domino effect that has caused many a great man’s downfall, but there is a way to stop the cravings coming on.

Keeping healthy raw vegetable snacks around is great for fighting off the urge to eat, even when you know you’re not hungry. If your desk neighbour is making you starving because they’re ploughing through a crunchy biscuit, tuck into a carrot or a stick of celery to send the ‘crunch’ signals to your brain that will tell you that you don’t need the crisps to satisfy your cravings any longer.

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2 | Learn to say ‘no’

This might seem like a no-brainer, but when Tim from Accounts comes around offering the biscuit tin, politely decline. Just like magic, the biscuit tin goes away. Then once you do crave a biscuit and sidle over to the tin on the other side of the room later, they’re more than likely all gone. No biscuits = no empty calories consumed!

It’s important to remember that even if you feel incredibly hungry and there is the offer of an unhealthy treat, saying ‘no’ will serve you well in the long-run. If you’re hungry, what your body really needs is real food, with ample amounts of fibre and protein. All an unhealthy workplace treat will do is alert your brain to the sugary/salty/fatty foods you’re missing out on and make you crave more!

3 | Eat small meals throughout the day

Depending on how your workplace culture works, snacking and eating small meals throughout the day improves health and willpower for those in office-based positions. That’s because a) you’re not persuaded to snack even when you’ve just had a large full meal, b) you won’t feel sluggish sitting at your desk, and c) you’ll be less likely to crave high sugar/high carb foods as that level of hunger just isn’t there in the first place.

Of course, more small meals means more meal prep so it depends on how much time you have the night before. Our Flexi-Solution diet plan is ideal for those who don’t have time to prep but still wish to eat healthy, small meals throughout the day. You can even pick a 4 week diet pack so you’ve got workplace meals sorted for the entire month!

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4 | Keep portions in mind (for when you can’t say ‘no’)

Right, so you ignored tip no.2 and you’re ready to give up all hope. Don’t worry! You can do more to make sure your willpower is even more heightened.

If you said ‘HELL YES’ to the cheeky biscuit then the next thing you need to do to ensure you’re on track is to refrain from going through the whole packet. To do this, take a step back from the biscuit tin, go for a wander if you have to, sit back down and glug some water until the delicious taste has dissipated. If after ten minutes you’re still struggling, refer to tip no.1 and snaffle some healthy vegetable snacks instead.

5 | Drink plenty of water

This is a common top health tip and any good nutritionist would tell you the same, but it’s true; the healthiest people in the world drink plenty of water throughout the day. The best times to get a good pint down you is first thing in the morning – it awakens you naturally – and before and after any food.

If you’re snacking or eating meals in the workplace, guzzle half a pint of fresh water before and half a pint afterwards. This is because water fills you up slightly before eating and speeds up your metabolism, and water afterwards helps bind the food ready for digestion, as well as removing the taste from your mouth which may lead you to crave more.

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Lotty Cairns

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