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Meet Danielle who lost over 3 stone following her wedding dress diet

Meet Danielle who lost over 3 stone following her wedding dress diet

Many brides across the UK want to try and lose weight for their wedding day, exante is an easy and convenient diet plan with a great variety of options, from bars to shakes and more! In fact, many brides have followed the exante diet plan to slim down for their wedding day!

Meet Danielle who lost 3 stone 11lbs for her wedding day following the exante diet plan, I think you will agree, she is inspirational!

Meet Danielle who lost over 3 stone for her wedding

Starting weight: 15 stone 6lbs

Weight on wedding day: 11 stone 7lbs

Total weight loss: 3 stone 11lbs


Danielle lost 3 stone 11lbs for her wedding

Time to slim down for the gown…

“When I was measured for my wedding dress, I was measuring as a size 18. I order a size 16 to motivate myself to drop a dress size. When my dress arrived I was still far from doing it up…which put the pressure on. In the end, a month before my wedding my dress was too big for me! I then measured as a size 12 so my size 16 dress had to be taken in by 10cm and when fitted it was a size 10/12.”

Danielle was a size 10 after her wedding dress diet

What plan did Danielle follow?

“Since I started in September 2018 and my wedding was in April 2019, I didn’t leave myself a long time to drop weight. I had 3 shakes a day, some days I would have a small meal of chicken and broccoli but the longer I was doing the shakes, the more fell I felt and could manage.”

“I used to do the Cambridge Diet but I found it to be quite expensive and I didn’t want to rely on having to go somewhere for weigh ins so I found exante – they have a good range of products full of vitamins that gave me the energy I needed.”

Danielle lost weight following her pre wedding diet plan

Using exante as a pre-wedding diet plan can be simple and easy. Why not try our 2 week or 4 week diet box to try some of our best sellers?

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Aimee Heeran

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