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10 Ways to Avoid Temptation this Autumn

This summer of fun is coming to an end, but now it’s time to start preparing for winter and- dare we say- Christmas! Whether you’re trying to stay on track to reach your goal or want to prepare for the return of the office Christmas party, don’t let your hard work go to waste. Follow these 10 tips to stick to your plan whilst still enjoying all the season has to offer.

1. Avoid those high-calorie coffee shop drinks

It’s hard to resist that delicious, sweet coffee shop hot chocolate on a cold day. However, these drinks can contain over 400 calories- and are you ever left feeling full afterwards? Skip the empty liquid calories and choose a filling and nutritionally complete drink instead. Try our Mocha Frappe Shake for that coffee shop taste!

2. Say no to the tricks

Avoid snacking on the kids’ sugary sweets this season. Treat yourself without the guilt to a tasty exante bar instead to avoid getting a spook when you step on the scales! Top trick – cut up your bar into small bite-sized pieces!

Meal Replacement Salted Caramel Bar and Choco Fudge Bar

3. Team up with friends

Socialising with friends is often centred around food and drink. This can be really challenging when trying to stay on track, so why not get friends involved? Motivate each other- try a woodland walk rather than going out for lunch and inspire each other with different recipes. For added support and ideas, join our Facebook group.

4. Give yourself options

It’s far easier to avoid temptation if you’re prepared. Make sure you always have a few different options available- whether its bars, shakes, soups or meals. Giving yourself a range of products to choose from will mean you’re far less likely to be dipping into the biscuit tin or having a cheeky packet of crisps!

5. Adopt a ‘save £s and lose pounds’ mindset

Now the warm sunny days at the beer garden are over, there’s no excuse to eat and drink out three times a week. Not only are restaurant meals usually very high in calories and low in nutritional value, but the bill can soon stack up – especially when there’s alcohol involved. Think about saving your pennies to spoil family and friends at Christmas and instead take advantage of some of exante’s new offers to benefit your budget and your health.

6. Make smart choices

Christmas can be the hardest time to stick to a diet. Alcoholic drinks and party snacks can soon stack up in calories. Try and choose a low-calorie alternative – a gin and slimline tonic or a glass of Prosecco is a good option. Remember, you don’t need alcohol to have a good time.

7. Take advantage of the extra time

With lots of us still working from home a few days a week, make the most of the extra time in the kitchen. Try cooking your own low-calorie, high protein alternative to your favourite takeaway. Not only will you stay on plan, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself!

Try our recipe for yummy fillet beef below:

Dietitian Chef K's Fillet beef with Potatoes, Mangetout, Tomato and Gravy


Dietitian Chef K's Fillet beef with Potatoes, Mangetout, Tomato and Gravy

2021-07-16 09:13:05By Kwayera Simpson

Don’t have time to make your favourite treats? How about you try out one of our delicious Pot Meals for a super simple, on-the-go meal that’s full of vitamins and diet-friendly.

8. Share your success

A great way to stay motivated is to share your results and keep track of how your diet is going. Whether that’s through an Instagram account, a Whatsapp chat with friends or on our Facebook group, sharing with others can give you that push you need to stick to your plan.

9. Reduce your stress levels

Stress can have a huge impact on your ability to resist food cravings. Rather than comfort eat, try something new to clear your head. Now that Lockdown is lifted, why not try out a yoga class at your local gym?

10. Start a fresh with exante

If a busy summer out and about has caused you to put on a few extra pounds, why not kickstart your diet plan with an exante plan? Whether you’ve tried before or its your first time, take the first step on your weight loss journey today!

Megan Edwards

Megan Edwards

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Megan is a Marketing student at the University of Liverpool. She enjoys travelling, skiing and long walks with her two golden retrievers, Henry and Chester. As a former lifeguard and swimming teacher, Megan loves being in and on the water and has recently started learning to sail and wakeboard. When on dry land, she keeps fit by working out at the gym and is a regular at salsa and yoga classes.