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Are Diet Fizzy Drinks Slowing Your Progress? | Exante Total Solution

Are Diet Fizzy Drinks Slowing Your Progress? | Exante Total Solution

Diet fizzy drinks are a sugar free saving grace when dieting, however drinking these in excess can actually sabotage your weight loss efforts.

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So why are diet fizzy drinks detrimental to your progress?

Firstly, it is important to know that various diet drinks contain different ingredients. The main reason we don’t allow most diet fizzy drinks (sorry to all you Coke Zero lovers!) is because they contain citric acid.

It is thought citric acid may affect ketosis (the state of metabolism whereby your body uses fat rather than carbohydrates as its main fuel source). Read our article on Coke Zero and Ketosis to find out more about this.

Our Total Solution Plan is designed to stimulate ketosis and our meal replacement shakes see that you’re eating less carbs than normal, producing less insulin and enjoying the maximum fat-loss benefits.

Dr Pepper Zero and other diet drinks NOT containing citric acid

Those of you on our Total Solution Plan will know that from our approved list, you can drink 330ml per day of Dr Pepper Zero or similar sugar free soft drinks that don’t contain citric acid. However, recently we have been asked why this is such a limited amount each day.

We spoke with our Nutritional Expert, Ashley English, to find out more.

Q. If Doctor Pepper Zero won’t affect the state of ketosis, why do we have to limit our consumption of it?

A. Dr Pepper Zero will not kick you out of ketosis, but form a nutritional and health stand point, we wouldn’t recommend drinking more than a can (330ml) of artificial sweetener per day.

Q. So it’s the artificial sweetener in it that will stop us losing weight?

A. Not directly no. It won’t stop your weight loss, but it will make you crave more sweet and sugary foods and can be quite addictive. Therefore, the more artificial sweetener you drink, the more likely you are to give in to those increased cravings.

Q. Are there any other health reasons why we should drink Dr Pepper Zero in moderation?

A. As we all know now, everything should be consumed in moderation. We would never recommend eating or drinking anything in excess! However, yes there are other health concerns with drinking too many diet drinks. Research has shown an increased risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes in people who regularly drank a lot of diet drinks. Metabolic syndrome describes a group of conditions such as elevated glucose levels, high blood pressure and raised cholesterol).

Q. What would you personally recommend to people who enjoy drinking Dr Pepper Zero?

A. As you know, 330ml a day is allowed on the Total Solution Plan so I would say if it something you really enjoy, then allow yourself that amount each day. When you deprive yourself of something you generally crave it more. However, it contains zero nutritional value. Where this might sound good to some people in that is has zero calories, it actually doesn’t do your body any good whatsoever! My advice would be a large glass of water with one of our Water Enhancers when you are craving something sweeter to drink.

So what have we learned?

  • Diet drinks containing citric acid are off limits on our Total Solution Plan
  • Dr Pepper Zero can be drunk in moderation – 330ml per day to be exact
  • Drinking too much Dr Pepper Zero (or any sugar free soft drinks) is not recommended when trying to reach your weight loss goals
  • All diet soft drinks contain artificial sweeteners which cause sugar cravings and in turn can lead to weight gain
  • Diet fizzy drinks could cause health problems if consumed in excess
  • Good old water is answer! (with our tasty water enhancers of course!)

 Here at Exante HQ we know the importance of feeling satisfied while on your plan and ensure we provide you with delicious products to curb your cravings and stop you going hungry.  That of course doesn’t mean to say that you still won’t want to lie in a bath of Dr Pepper at any given moment!

We would of course always recommend water to stay hydrated, however along with Dr Pepper Zero, other brands do offer sugar free soft drinks without citric acid. Tesco and Asda’s own brand Diet Coke and Sainsbury’s Sparkling Water are popular options (but always check the label and remember to not exceed your daily allowance).

Try our exante Water Enhancers for a healthier and convenient option!

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Sophie Seddon

Sophie Seddon

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