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What Kerry Katona is Loving from exante right now

Earlier this year, we were thrilled to introduce our brand-new ambassador Kerry Katona to the exante family! Kerry joined exante because she wanted to make a positive change that would still fit with her hectic lifestyle. ‘I need some help as my food intake is terrible’, Kerry confessed on her Instagram, explaining that she wanted to kickstart her fitness journey ‘to be the best version of myself’.

Feeling inspired by Kerry? Look no further than our blog where we’ll be chatting with Kerry Katona to find out her exante tips and product must-haves! 

Hi Kerry, thanks so much for joining us for a Q&A!

“Hi guys! I’m so excited to be chatting about all things exante today.” 

So, let’s go straight in with the big questions. If you were stranded on a desert island, which exante product would you want with you?

“Ooo that’s a tricky one! I’d say it would have to be the BURST sachets because they’re so great at keeping me energised. If I’m on a desert island, it’s going to be pretty hot so I need to stay hydrated and BURST is such a good alternative to water. My favourite flavours are Pina Colada if I’m fancying the caffeine-free option or Mixed Berry for a caffeine hit.” 

How do you fit your new healthy lifestyle around your career and life as a Mum?

“I honestly find it so easy to fit into my day-to-day life. Having convenient exante products to hand is so much easier than cooking for me, especially on top of all my other commitments. All I need is a bottle of water, a shaker and my meal replacements– it is amazing!” 

Is there an exante product you still want to try?

“I won’t stop until I’ve tried out everything! I’m obsessed with trying new things- exante is great for that because there is so much variety to choose from. I did notice that exante have released new ready-to-drink versions of my favourite BURST drinks, so I’m definitely looking forward to trying those.

I think if you’re looking to try a wide range of products, the 4 Week Box is probably your best place to start- I LOVED mine.” 

What are your goals while you’re on exante?

“I want to lose 2.5 stone for next year- that’s my main goal. And I want to remain as motivated as I am right now to keep my mental health in a good place. I think staying on track of my diet and really pushing to make healthier decisions will help me with this in 2022.” 

Find out more about Kerry’s journey here

Now, let’s take a look at some of Kerry’s all-time favourite products… 

Kerry’s Favourite for Making BIG Changes

If, like Kerry Katona, you’re looking to give your body a fresh start, look no further than our 4 Week Box. Kerry loves the 4 Week Box because it’s a convenient and super simple way to detox from unhealthy food. Great for exante novices, the 4 Week Box is the most affordable way to find your favourites in the exante range. 

 In every box you will receive:  

  • 40 shakes in a variety of flavours 
  • 20 bars 
  • A range of 24 soups, breakfasts and meals 
  • 1 exante shaker bottle 
  • 1 Water Enhancer 

Kerry’s Snacking Go To

On her Instagram, Kerry admits that she gets ‘worried’ about ‘going out and having snacks’ that aren’t healthy. Kerry is a huge lover of our NEW snacking range, in particular our high protein 100kcal Snack Bites.

Each packet of Snack Bites is the perfect handbag size making them great for a quick on-the-go snack. Snack Bites are low calorie, plant-based protein balls, perfect for giving you a little lift between meals. You can choose between Lemon & Coconut and Carrot Cake flavours for a guilt free alternative that can be enjoyed almost anywhere!  

Kerry’s On-the-Go Lifesavers

KerryKatona has to juggle being a TV superstar as well as being a full-time Mum, so she’s always on-the-go. That’s why our exante range is perfect for her, all she needs is some water and her trusty exante shaker and she’s ready to go! 

Kerry LOVES our strawberry flavour products, especially the Strawberry Jam & Yoghurt Crunch Bar. This bar is a fruity and crunchy diet bar, smothered in sticky jam and creamy yoghurt- yummy! The bar is full of protein, high in fibre and is even enriched with our signature blend of 27 vitamins & minerals, perfect for anyone looking to keep their body feeling good from the inside out.  

Kerry’s On-Shoot Go To

When Kerry is having a busy day shooting or looking after the kids, she always has her go-to Strawberry Shake by her side. The Strawberry Shake is a fruity and creamy delight, perfect for anyone who has a sweet tooth! High in protein & fibre and made with 27 vitamins & minerals, this shake is the perfect no-fuss healthy meal replacement.  

We hope you enjoyed hearing all about Kerry Katona and her exante favourites! Remember, we love to hear which products you’re loving, so be sure to let us know on Instagram and Facebook. Want to meet our exante community? Why not join our Facebook Closed Group and share tips, tricks and inspirational stories with the rest of the exante family.

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Amelia Dunn

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