Treadmill Workouts For Beginners

Starting any new exercise can be daunting, but starting running? That’s another level of fear altogether. There are plenty of treadmill workouts for beginners that, you might find it hard to believe, are great fun and a great way to burn those calories!

If you’re new to running or a complete beginner looking to get started, these workouts are a great way to introduce you to the running scene. And don’t worry if you get out of breath walking up the stairs (we secretly all do), these workouts can be tailored to suit all fitness levels! We do of course advise consulting your doctor if you have any concerns, existing health issues or don’t currently do any form of exercise at all.

Level 1: Walking Treadmill Workout

Did you know that the average person can burn between 80 and 140 calories every mile while walking?

For those of you are aren’t quite ready to run or that might be on our Exante 800 plan (where we advise only very light exercise), this is one of the best treadmill workouts you can choose.

With different speeds and inclines but only ever at walking or a ‘brisk’ walking pace, it’s the perfect way to burn calories without feeling like you’re going to fly off the end of the treadmill (which is pretty much how everyone feels when they run on a treadmill, right?!).

Level 2: Walking and Running Treadmill Workout

This one the simplest treadmill workouts to introduce a slighter quicker pace into your routine. Like with any of these exercises, find a level that suits you so you are pushing yourself to burn those extra calories but not too much that you might risk an injury.

There are 6 intervals in the below workout, if you find this too many to begin with, simply reduce it to 3 and work your way up to the 6 over a couple of weeks. You will also notice that there are no specified speeds; this is for you to choose your walking, power walk and jogging speed appropriately to complete the 28-minute workout.


Level 3: Jogging and Running Interval Workout

This 21-minute workout actually only involves 11 minutes of jogging and running so is a great place to start if you want to increase your speed a little. Again, if its too easy, add a few more intervals in and if it is too difficult, bring the pace down slightly. Listen to your body – it won’t be easy but it shouldn’t be so challenging that you feel like you can’t finish the workout.

Treadmill workouts running and jogging


Don’t forget to hydrate while you are working out too! Drinking plenty of water is essential while exercising, but also day-to-day for losing weight. Read our ‘Water for Weight Loss’ post to find out more.

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Kat Myers

Kat Myers