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“I lost 7st with exante & wish I started sooner!”: Our Top Transformations of 2022

Here at exante, we’re all about celebrating the success of our community. Whatever you need to do to say hello to a new you, exante will be here by your side. Watch the video below to learn more about our inspiring community.

Feeling motivated? Let’s look back at 5 of the people who have used exante to transform to a new YOU… 

Jonelle, 4 st Loss

“Hi, my name is Jonelle! I joined exante when I hit 78.6kg and stopped feeling like myself. Aside from losing the extra weight I was carrying, exante opened so many doors for my social life. I love the exante Closed Group community and meeting people has been a god-send. I’ve not just lost weight, I’ve made new friends for life! Now that I’m happy in myself and my body, I mix my diet between exante products and healthy meals with intermittent fasting between 2-8pm. I’m so happy I’ve healed my relationship with food and myself.”

Lizzie, 15lbs Loss

“Hi, I’m Lizzie! Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you to exante- my life has completely changed and I’ve never felt so good! I struggled to get into exante in January for the typical diet and resolutions seasons. But for the last 7 weeks, I’ve been really good even with a few meals out, a hen dos and general life-related events.
Yesterday, I was as bridesmaid for my best friend and fitted into my size 14 dress- it was a huge milestone for me. I’m now at a total loss 15lb but I’m ready to get back on it to lose the rest!”
Natacha, 7st Loss

“Hi, my name is Natacha! The first picture of me was at my heaviest, I started exante 1st Feb 2021 and I had to lose about 4 stone. Fast forward to now, and I’ve managed to lose around 7st- I can’t believe it!
To any new starters, good luck on your journey! My advice is to stick with it because it really does work. If it wasn’t for the ease of exante products, I wouldn’t of done anything about my weight, as I always thought I was confident the size I was, but now at the smallest I’ve probably ever been, it’s honestly made me wish I did it sooner.

Tasha, 13.5st Loss

“Hi, I’m Tasha and I found exante just when I needed it! Before exante I used to only fit in size 30 and above clothing and, when I hit the 24.4st mark, I knew something needed to change. I started exante with a strict 800 calorie plan because I had big goals and I wanted to lose the bulk of my weight quickly before it did any serious damage to me. I stuck mostly with shakes at the beginning of my diet but once I’d lost my first 4 stone, I moved to be more adventurous with my meals. Usually, I switch between bars, shakes and meals! Now, my weight is down to 10.9 stone and my dress size is about 12/14- I’m so proud of myself!” 


Feeling inspired?

So, how are you going to say hello to the new YOU? Why not treat yourself to our 4 Week Box, filled with:  

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⁣⁣We hope you’re feeling inspired to start your journey to the New YOU! We love to see your transformations, so remember to tag us in all of your Instagram and Facebook posts so we can celebrate your success! Whether you’re starting exante to lose weight or you just want to make healthier choices, we want to be involved every step of the way! Looking for some extra support? Why not join our exante family in our Facebook Closed Group sharing tips, tricks and talking all things exante.

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