Why Swimming Can Burn More Calories Than You Think

Want to slim down and feel like a mermaid? Try swimming. Yes, we urge you to jump in your local pool and spend time in the water, as swimming is one of the best ways to lose weight, tone up, sleep better and feel healthier.

How many calories does swimming burn?

Swimming is one of the most underestimated exercises for burning calories and losing weight. Why? Because, it’s easy to start swimming, low impact and you can’t feel the sweat in the pool, we don’t think we’re burning as many calories than getting on the treadmill.

So, what kind of calories are we talking here? Expect to burn up to 200 calories per 30 minutes of breaststroke, and 400 calories per 30 minutes for Freestyle Stroke – that beats walking, cycling and running!

So, what are the benefits of burning off that sneaky dessert, few glasses of wine, or indulgent breakfast through swimming? Here’s our top 3.

3 Benefits of Swimming

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1 | It’s low impact

Every now and then, we should give our joints a break from excessive pounding on the treadmill. Luckily low-impact workouts like swimming can decrease stress on the body. That’s down to the water buoyancy. Swimming can be a great way to get the heart pumping while reducing the risk of injury.

It’s also fun, gentle on your muscles and the water is relaxing.

2 | It’s a cardio and strength workout

It helps strengthen heart and lungs while toning thighs, upper back, triceps, hamstrings and lower legs. Breaststroke is one of the best for improving posture and toning the all-important areas for showing off the summer swimsuit.

3 | Anyone can swim

You don’t have to be a great athlete for swimming to be beneficial and fun, too. The best thing about swimming is that you can go solo, or join a group water aerobics class. If you’re older, pregnant, disabled, or have a medical condition like diabetes there should be a specialised class just for you.

We recommend that you aim to go swimming for an hour once a week and set your own pace. You can find your local swimming pool by clicking here

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