How to burn more calories spring cleaning than running 5K…

Did you know you can burn over 600 calories by simply spring cleaning for 2 hours? Let’s show you how…

Did you know 20 minutes of each spring cleaning task can burn so many calories?

  • Hoovering – 86 calories burnt in 20 minutes
  • Bathroom cleaning – 100 calories burnt in 20 minutes
  • Mopping – 107 calories burnt in 20 minutes
  • Window cleaning – 115 calories burnt in 20 minutes
  • Dusting – 194 calories burnt in 40 minutes

On average, the people from this test burnt 602 calories with two hours of dusting, mopping, cleaning the bathroom, hoovering and window cleaning, compared with just 374 calories lost whilst running a 5K run! (1)

Another small tip to stay active during this time is the classic ‘Walk & Talk’, whenever someone calls you on the phone, walk & talk, make it a habit to walk around your garden, house or apartment when on the phone, never sit down and get cosy. Always stay active!

Even better than walking, why not take the stairs? If you’re looking for an easy way to add more activity into your day, take the stairs. Stair climbing burns more calories per minute than jogging, according to the NHS. (2)

“Research shows that regularly walking up stairs is good for strong bones, cardiovascular fitness and weight management. It’s also a safe, low-impact exercise that requires no equipment.”

Once all your spring cleaning is done, sit down with a coffee and treat yourself to one of the delicious meal replacements from the Summer Favourites Bundle.

1 – https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/uk/house-and-home/household-advice/a681439/autumn-cleaning-blitz-could-burn-600-calories/

2 – https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/free-fitness-ideas/

Aimee Heeran

Aimee Heeran

Writer and expert

Aimee graduated from the University of Bristol in 2019. It was during her time at University that her love of fitness and nutrition truly began. She’s always loved an active lifestyle from a small child. Aimee frequently enjoys going to the gym, regular hot yoga classes and going for long country walks. She loves trying new activities and in the last 12 months has tried jet skiing, horse riding, and her first 10K race.