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The Latest Exante Reviews From 4 UK Bloggers

At Exante, we LOVE reviews of our products! So, we’ve been calling out to bloggers and vloggers in the UK to send out products and get genuine feedback on our products from our Total Solution and Flexi Solution plans. 

We received a load of response and are so excited to feature 4 of our favourite reviews! Take a look to see how we really fit it into Megan’s, Sarah’s, Kira’s and Hana’s day-to-day routines, and shop their favourite products.

Reviews From 4 UK Bloggers

Exante Reviews from UK Bloggers

Money Saving Megan

Read Megan’s full review here

We sent Megan some Meal Replacement Bars and Shakes as part of our Total Solution range. Here’s a sneak peek of what she had to say…

On our bars: “I was really impressed I expected them to taste like a basic cereal bar but they looked beautiful, (especially the strawberry jam and yoghurt one!) and tasted beautiful! The strawberry and yoghurt one looked like a dessert you would buy!”

On our shakes: “The toffee caramel shake is heavenly! You’d never know you were on a diet! The chocolate mint one is also delicious but could do with a touch more mint for me. They are smooth, creamy and delicious! I made mine with soya milk and had them for dinner.”

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Read Sarah’s full review here

Since having another baby and moving house, Sarah found herself in need of losing some weight again. Because a 600 calorie Total Solution wasn’t her thing, we thought our Flexi Solution would fit perfectly into her new lifestyle. This is what she had to say…

On our Flexi Plan: “I have been having two meal replacements and a healthy meal most days since the start of January and I have lost just over 11lbs in that time. This kind of flexible plan isn’t a quick fix – weight loss isn’t as rapid as it would be if you follow the Total Solution – but it is much more easy to maintain and fit into my normal life.”

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Kira L Curtis

Read Kira’s full review here

Kira’s currently on a mission to eat healthier, get fitter and just generally work on a healthier lifestyle overall. That’s where we came in. We sent her a few products and she decided to blog about one of our favourite shakes: the Cherries and Berries. See why Kira loves it…

“I actually really loved the cherry and berry flavour. It wasn’t too sweet or strong that it became over powering and too much for me. Instead, it was pleasantly nice, in all ways. It reminded me of a childhood flavour that I couldn’t quite put my finger on for a while, now I think that may have been a Drumstick lolly taste. I let my boyfriend have a sip to try it out and he loved it too. It was definitely ‘smooth and delicious’ as the website says!”

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Hana Kozlowski

Subscribe to Hana’s YouTube Channel here.

Hana is currently vlogging about her weight loss story so far on our Total Solution diet after we sent her some yummy products. This is her story…

She’ll also be updating her progress every Thursday! So, subscribe here.

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