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10 Stone Weight Loss: Tasha’s Top Tips!

Tasha's 13 stone exante weight loss

Meet Tasha, 36, Mum from Essex has lost an incredible 13 stone following the exante weight loss plan. She started the diet weighing 24st 4lbs, and has gone from a dress size 32 to a size 14/16! Keep reading to find out why she started exante, her favourite products and her top tips to help you stay committed to the diet!

Start weight: 24 stone 4lbs

Current weight: 13 stone 12lbs

Tasha's 13 stone exante weight loss

Tasha, 13 stone down!

When did you start your exante journey?

Tasha started her exante journey on 1st April 2019. After seeing herself in the background of a selfie her son took she decided she needed to take action and set a good example to her son. 

What are your favourite products?

Tasha loves the Strawberry Jam and Yoghurt Crunch Bar and the Lemon Bar when she fancies a sweet treat! When she wants something warm and savoury, Tasha enjoys the Sweet n Sour noodles.

What advice would you give to someone interested in the exante diet?

“My advice to anyone that wanted to start exante is go for itI have found exante extremely easy!”

Tasha acknowledged that the first two weeks are the hardest, with hunger and headaches affecting her. She overcame this by drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated, which is essential when using a very low calorie diet.

“Once that is over it will just come naturally. It fits in with my busy lifestyle as it’s grab and go food.”

What are your non scale victories?

For Tasha, it wasn’t just about losing the pounds. Seeing her measurements getting smaller helped keep her motivated and gave her the reassurance that her hard work was paying off.  

“I have always been confident, but I’m even more confident now. I feel fitter and have got more energy.”

The best non-scale victory is definitely that my son can now get his arms around me and gives me the biggest, tightest cuddlesHe says he can get his arms around me now, which is the best feeling ever!

What did it feel like when people noticed you had lost weight?

“People started to notice my weight loss properly when I lost about 4 stone.”

“The biggest surprise was the amount of compliments I get from people now. After posting my before and after pictures in the Facebook support group they were reposted on the exante social media accounts, getting over 2,000 likes!!” 

What does a normal day on the exante plan look like for you?

“In the morning I have a hot honey & lemon with Apple Cider Vinegar then I have my shake at 1.30PM, usually a Mocha Frappe Shake or Coconut Shake. At about 5PM, I will have a bar and then at about 8.30PM I will have a soup between all that I will be working my 4 jobs and take my son to his sports clubs!”.

Top tip – try exante’s Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies in Lemon Flavour for a tasty way to enjoy the benefits of ACV!

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How did you stay motivated on weeks you didn’t lose? 

Tasha says that its important to always stay motivated, even when your weight remains the same.  

“I’ve stayed the same weight before for three weeks, but the way I see it is you’ve not gained any weight so that’s better than putting 1 pound on.” 

Do you use any phone apps to help stay on track? 

“To track my weight loss I use the FitBit app and also My Weight Tracker”. 

How do you try and increase her water intake? 

“I find it easier to track my water intake by buying 500ml water bottles so I know I have to drink 4 bottles to have 2 litres, and 6 bottles to have 3 litres. Anymore than that is a bonus!

Are you inspired by Tasha? Well, why not start your exante journey today? Click here to view our diet plans and find one that fits your lifestyle. You could change your life like Tasha has!

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